WoT ST: BZ-176 Rocket Booster Characteristics

• Acceleration preparation time: 5 sec.

• Recharge time between boosts: 4 sec.
• Acceleration charge duration: 10 sec.
• Number of Boost Charges: 4
• Boost Push
Strength: 70
• Boost Push Duration: 0.5
• Boost Engine Power Multiplier: x2
• Boost Max Forward Speed ​​Multiplier: x1.3
• Boost Max Reverse Speed ​​Multiplier: x0.1

• Chassis Turn Rate Multiplier on Boost: x0.15

10 thoughts on “WoT ST: BZ-176 Rocket Booster Characteristics

  1. Curious to see the characteristics of the other gun, but the big derp’s where it’s at.

    Boost is gonna be a huge mechanic. I bet in the future it will be on at least some other premium.

  2. I hope they increase the pen slightly from 75, like 105 or something So we can penetrate some lighter side armors?

    1. i think its good its 75 because its 1100 alpha. Even the 800 dmg round has actually a lot of pen, 225, which is pretty crazy for HE

  3. Like it or not. Though this mechanic may seem immature and silly, it adds variety and fun to the game in a balanced way for once. Would like to see more tanks with this mechanic. Looking forward to RAMMING!!!

  4. Apparently the Soviets were crazy enough to test rocket boosters on tanks in real life, so this is less bogus than it seems. Seeing it in action, it does not seem to be anything gamebreaking, it’s the same as nitro boost in racing games.

  5. So they add those characteristics to the freaking sheet but DO NOT add a lot of autoloader stuff? and other stuff i posted about…

    also it still shows unused values for some reason, cluttering the overview

    ui at its finest

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