WoT CT 1.18.1: Char Mle. 75

Description of the vehicle:

– Development on this tank began in 1975. It was equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension and support rollers that actually served as the wheels of the armored vehicle. In this sense, the Char Mle. 75 was similar to other promising French armored vehicles. Its turret, as was popular at the time, had the lowest possible profile. As a result, the entire crew was located at hull level. The tank had to be extremely compact and highly maneuverable.

A Tier IX Premium French light tank that has two distinctive features at once: a gas-turbine engine, and the mechanics of firing in bursts. Thanks to these particularities, the vehicle perfectly performs the role of a mobile scout and hunter for enemy light tanks.

shot_1782 shot_1786 shot_1785 shot_1784 shot_1783 shot_1780 shot_1779 shot_1781 shot_1777 shot_1778 shot_1776

9 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.18.1: Char Mle. 75

  1. It’s now a six-shot autoloader? Looks like WG couldn’t decide on how to balance the burst mechanism…

    1. 200 dmg and 3.5 per shot. So you do about as much damage than a single shot of T34 but a few seconds faster. Just like the ITAL td.

      I am NOT a fan they just copy the BOFORS look for french all of a sudden
      wtf? why not keep it to the sweds so they can have their own thing. thats… not cool

      1. actually a lot of nations had that skinny turret design on blueprints. You can see it with the concept 1b, and also others, like romanian blueprints. Its a simple idea, remove people from the turret so they are safer.

    2. it is now a 6 shot, but it used to have 250 alpha. so it has the same magazine potential as when it was nerfed to 4 shots, but takes more shells to dish out the damage, so its a slight nerf

  2. This thing loses nearly all camo when in the fast engine mode so you can’t get into those great but risky passive positions.

    1. Just have to run bounty exhaust. Then it has as much camo as an rhm panzerwagen in turbo mode. If you prefer camo over viewrange then you can get it up to 37 camo of you’re ok with having 430 vr in turbo mode. Then you switch back and viewrange is 455 again. And camo is 45

      I’m more inclined. To chose vr over camo though. The. Camo is 33.5 with exhaust, and the VR is 448 with vr over camo.
      Then VR is 474 and and camo 41 in normal mode.

  3. Is it a real tank or not, I have some sources that say it is but no rock solid evidence.
    I personally love how it looks.

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