WoT CT 1.18.1: BZ-176 Description And Stats

Description: “In the 1960s, amid tense relations with the Soviet Union, China came up with the concept of creating “”frontier-covering forces.”” The main firepower of this formation was to be units with “”frontier-covering tanks”” in service. The design allowed the gun to depress through the turret top to reduce the overall vehicle height. In addition, the tank was set to feature twin tracks and jet boosters. Theoretically, due to the high specific power, they would provide good mobility and crossing capacity. The project was closed in 1978, and no prototypes were produced.”

These stats are without Commander Bonus.

Damage: 1100/800
Penetration: 75/225mm
Penetration at 500m: 75/225mm
ReloadTime: 25 sec
AimingTime: 3 sec
gun:maxPitch: +23°
gun:minPitch: -11°

shotDispersionRadius: 0.4
chassis: vehicleMovement: 0.2
chassis: vehicleRotation: 0.2
gun: turretRotation: 0.2
gun: afterShot: 4.0
gun: whileGunDamaged: 2.0

Forward: 30/39 km/h
Backward: 15/2 km/h
engine:power: 600 hp, 1200 hp
engine:power per ton: 10.51 hp/t,  21,02 hp/t
terrainResistance hard: 1,1
terrainResistance medium: 2,1
terrainResistance soft: 3,2

hull:armor: 240 mm
side:armor: 152 mm
rear:armor: 60 mm
turret:armor: 250 mm
turret side:armor: 152 mm
turret rear:armor: 60 mm

vehicle:stationary_camo_: 6.726 / 1.01%
vehicle:moving_camo_: 3.363 / 0.5%
view_range: 380 m

shell:module damage: 200
shell:explosionRadius: 3.66

Values are listed by normal mode/with rocket boosters active:
• Booster preparation time: 5 sec.
• Cooldown time between boosts: 4 sec.
• Booster duration when activated: 10 sec.
• Number of booster charges: 4
• Thrust force from booster acceleration: 70
• Duration of the booster’s acceleration push: 0.5 sec
• Engine power multiplier while boosters are active: x2
• Forward speed multiplier while boosters are active: x1.3
• Reverse speed multiplier while boosters are active: x0.1
• Hull traverse rate multiplier while boosters are active: x0.15

7 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.18.1: BZ-176 Description And Stats

  1. 75 average pen? Talk about forcing gold use.
    The engine i can live with as its temporary, and it appears to make crap all difference.
    Why are they so determined to kill off any sort of joy in this game.

      1. Still did not change his argument, there is little reason to use the HE vs the HESH. Only if you dont pen at all HE will be better because higher alpha means higher dmg even if you dont compared to a non pen HESH

    1. 2nd shell is heat most likely and as it is with some lowtiers which just feature 2 shell types there is usually no “gold” shells what concerns me is that there is another either HE slapping or heat shooting derp tank on tier 8 and 10 which in my opinion the game doesnt need

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