WoT: Another Hint To The Upcoming Mystery Event

From September 16 through September 26: We’re here to tease a juicy special with some cool rewards, coming to you in the second half of the month. Don’t go anywhere and look out for more information soon.

8 thoughts on “WoT: Another Hint To The Upcoming Mystery Event

  1. I would like more Frontlines, but this isn’t it. I wonder if it could be something in which we can use our own tanks and crews.

  2. Given there are 7 tanks in the pic, and they are all Tier 10 (I think), this could be a 7v7 event like the streamer 7v7 events we had in the previous years. I really liked those, as I like 7v7 mode. Always finished full 30+ levels during the events. Lets see if this is something like that.

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