WoT ST: WZ-111 Model 6 Detailed Stats

WZ-111 Model 6 (🇨🇳China, Tier8, HT, premium)

* No description yet.

Crew 4 people: Commander (radio operator); Gunner; Driver; Loader
Role in battle: Breakthrough heavy tank
Special category equipment: Survivability



16 thoughts on “WoT ST: WZ-111 Model 6 Detailed Stats

    1. A fruit of WG’s money brain. Ruined their own game. Just look at tier 8 now, especially after vipera release.
      I played since 2012 and now the game totally yeeted to oblivion

    1. It every tank is op
      No one is

      Whine harder though
      I buy two for each account
      Yes two for EACH
      Just to ruin your day 🙂

      1. and you are part of the problem . The game is dying because wargaming wont change it bc players like you just blindly give them money every time . The game is in a poor state and needs to be changed . Op tanks are part of the problem this is a tier 8 tank with tier 9 hull from the wz 111 1 4 and the turret of the tier ten vz 55 300 mm of turret armor crazy op for tier 8 . This will face tanks like the is 6 and kv 5 and patton kr and tier 6s . Where is the limit . I guess you just have lots of money to waste so you dont care . For most of us a tank is days wage almost its crazy .

          1. Oh please you troll yourself just fine.
            I merely enjoy strewing salt onto your ocean of tears.

            Jammering about Vipers
            And is it op? Most already went Perma Garage.

            You guys (“guys”) don’t name any facts but complain its OP! cause you saw one or two values.

            OHHH 400 DAMGE!
            ye but conveniently leave out reloads. Angles. Armor gaps. Mobility and what not.

            You just come here to whine.

            A Wz like we ha e dozens others already. Nothing special. BUT IT HAS TO BE OP… Why? Because it’s new and you morons never learn a thing

            New is scary and confusing to your kind

            Stupid people fear what they don’t understand.

            You are a joke and the punchline rolled into one.

            WoT is dying I hear since freaking beta.
            Stagnation is death. Not changing is. You would run anything into the ground

            Go to your Amish family.
            Enjoy your barn.

            No idea how you got internet without electricity.

            I won’t buy it cause it’s a boring one I saw and have but better anyway.

            But I still look at it on tanks.gg so this MEAN tank that keeps servers on won’t bite me.

            Pff. You wish you had 40%
            Shows how uninformed B’s you spout.

            Lots opinion
            Little value

            You can’t even reason why it’s so mean delivering a comparison to other tanks

            Same cry about defender
            Same cry about Caliban
            And turtle and whatnot
            Neither seen online for a while now.

            Grow up and grow balls

            Prems often delivery unique ways to play.
            703 for example (so op)

            Jealous just you don’t have a life or job cant afford it. Have to ruin other’s fun

            Just sad
            What trolls You are.

            1. Jesus you’re one dramatic kid.

              Can you write a comment that’s an actual comment and doesn’t look like some emo teen whine?

  1. perhaps its wg attempt to actually create tanks that are willing to PUSH FORWARD, BE AGGRESSIVE, rather than camp.
    If it is, they also need to change their obvious campy maps.

    1. Here we go . Bc yolo face first is the only way to play wot . No wot has tds and light tanks bc its meant to be played by patience not face rolling the keyboard and yolo like im sure you are doing . Its not camping its just playing smart . Sitting behing cover or near cover is the smart way to play . All the players yolo rushing and dying early half of there games is the reason the game has so many blowouts .

      1. Even frontline has been ruined. They made attacking too easy and too quick especially when combined with a choice of 6 op premium tanks.
        So even that will become the shit fest we see in random battles.

    2. And this is why tanks like Vipera and this WZ here exist – they are near-OP because otherwise they could not be aggressive and push, as power escalation is beyond anyone’s control by now.

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