Battle Pass Season VIII: Claim Your Rewards Before the Season Ends

Battle Pass Season VIII is coming to a close on August 31 at 02:30 CEST (UTC+2). So, here’s a little reminder about how you can make the most of the Warhammer 40,000-themed Battle Pass before it ends.

Items for Tokens

Unlike Battle Pass Points, the Battle Pass Tokens that you earn from completing the Progression Stages will not be removed. Instead, they will accumulate throughout the year, and you’ll be able to spend them during upcoming Battle Pass Seasons. Battle Pass Season VIII offers 21 Tokens.

These Tokens can be exchanged for valuable items and rare vehicles in the Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store, which will remain open until December 20, 2022.

1. Invest Unallocated Battle Pass Points in Uncompleted Chapters

You can spend your Battle Pass Points by visiting the Battle Pass interface and clicking the Activate Chapter button. Once activated, all of your unallocated Battle Pass Points will be invested into that Chapter’s progress, and you will receive rewards for the Stages you have already completed.

2. Unlock the Points Shop for Additional Rewards

Once you complete the Base Rewards tracks for all three Chapters, you will have access to a new Rewards section of the in-game Store. There, you can spend all of the Battle Pass Points you have earned throughout the Season on the following rewards:

  • Bonds
  • 3D styles for all Battle Pass Core Vehicles from the previous seven Seasons (see below)
  • Unique crew members from Season IV onwards

Unspent Battle Pass Points will disappear at the end of the Season, so be sure to spend them if you want to receive your rewards.


7 thoughts on “Battle Pass Season VIII: Claim Your Rewards Before the Season Ends

  1. Wait what i thought there is another stage or whatever 3 per year there has only been 2 . Im confused .

    1. Yeah, just your typical® misinformation.
      Although, your battlepass points do disappear next week (the 2.5k per chapter ones).

  2. I don’t like the direction Battle Pass has taken.

    Lorraine 50t could’ve been the second coming of the old T34, tuned for today’s standards, but it’s bad and overpriced.

    Cobra requires more than one BP cleared to afford, and is a meme machine not unlike Caliban.

    The 40k stuff, which WG massively promoted, is faction-restricted.

    About the only positive thing I can say is that Kunze got a price reduction, and that AE still costs 9 tokens.

  3. 3D Styles for all main Battle Pass vehicles from the previous seven seasons …..
    Unfortunately this is not the case …..

    If you have the first step of the style, for the shop it is as if you already own it in its entirety, and there is no possibility to complete the missing steps of the style, perhaps by spending BP points.
    Asked several times in the various official forums, where WG has never replied about it ……..

    1. yes, been trying to complete the E3 3D style, I have only first 2 parts, for the other I need to spend 750gold for each remaining parts

      lame system…

      1. Where did you see that there is the option to complete the style for 750 for each remaining part?
        Never seen an option like this, in game.

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