WoT: Battle Pass Season 9 Preview

The autumn Battle Pass will feature the following vehicles:
🇨🇵AMX 13 105
🇵🇱60TP Lewandowskiego
🇮🇹Progetto M40 mod. 65

New unique crew members for BP Season 9:

When recruiting them, you can choose:
• Nation
• Vehicle Type
• Qualification

These crew members have a “Brothers in Arms” zero skill and two 100% skills to choose from.
• There is no unique voice acting.

13 thoughts on “WoT: Battle Pass Season 9 Preview

  1. I’m more interested in seeing how many pieces of Lego I can get in by bumhole than battle pass.

    1. “The person you are and the character you are and the energy you put out that’s what provides the value to everyone around you. Be what you admire in others”

  2. The crews look like an improvement compared to the 40k ones, this time it’s possible to choose nation and role upon recruiting (ruski-only Nurgle, German-only Ultramarines and Japan-only Orks was dumb).

    1. Yes, it was dumb to nation-lock 2d styles and crew.
      But with the upcoming season, I might be more interested in grinding more than 1 chapter.

  3. Progetto M40 3d stylllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! yeeeeaaaaaaaah! Rank reward 3d style is fun, but I like serious style.

  4. Who knows if WG will give the possibility to complete the incomplete styles of the previous years ……

    1. At least on the current test server, you can.

      What I would like to see is the ability to reduce to “Level 2” or “Level 3” the styles. Sometimes Level 4 has too much garbage added on the tank.

  5. Frankly, these crew are one of the better reasons to buy the battle pass. More “instructors” for when Crew 2.0 rears its head again!

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