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What you got from the Summer Auction?

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6 thoughts on “WoT: Summer Auction Poll

    1. Soon the online will increase, since a lot of Ukrainians will migrate to EU. Still, it was nice to get Gonsalo for a starting bid. And there I was thinking that WG are very greedy..

  1. Would have gotten skin
    Perhaps wz

    But WG turned me off with shit Timing. No warning. And bad transparency

  2. The best aspect of this auction was that pretty much every item was sold for the minimum bid. Could be because there was nothing amazing on sale, but if WG wanted for players to overbid and get scammed, it looks like they failed big time.

  3. I already had the Obj. but I got everything else from the auction. Also the Wz-120G FT is not as bad as people think it is play it like a traditional td as it has some pretty good camo and you will be fine.

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