WoT 1.18 CT: Italian Tier 9-10 TD Stat Changes

Controcarro 3 Minotauro (Italy, Tier-10, TD, 5-round autoloader)
• Moving Dispersion (max.): from 0.20 (7.20) to 0.20 (6.00)
• Armor penetration of AP shell: from 255 to 265 mm
• Armor penetration of HEAT shell: from 345 to 330 mm
• Max. forward speed: from 36 to 30 km/h

Controcarro 1 Mk. 2 (Italy, Tier-9, TD, 4-round autoloader).
Chassis 1/2 – Controcarro 1 Mk. 2 types A
• Moving Dispersion (max): from 0.24 (8.40) to 0.24 (7.20)
Chassis 2/2 – Controcarro 1 Mk. 2 type B
• Moving Dispersion (max): from 0.22 (7.70) to 0.22 (6.60)
Turret 2/2 – Controcarro 1 Mk. 2 type B
Gun 3/3 – Cannone da 127/58 [TOP]
• Armor penetration of AP shell: from 255 to 250 mm

37 thoughts on “WoT 1.18 CT: Italian Tier 9-10 TD Stat Changes

  1. Thanks to all baby’s who screamed that minotauro is toooooo powerful, what’s about the Foch 155 with 395 mm of premium pen, the T100E3 with 375 mm of premium pen, the object 268 with 395 mm of premium pen??? But the Minotaur is sooooo powerful. Pathetic kids.

    1. For sure you got 500win8, the issues with the TX is heat, yes it can’t be 400mm because he got an autoloader and need not to be too broken. The real issues is the OUTRAGEOUS armor of this tank. That need to be nerfed.

    2. The penetration of these tanks doesn’t really matter. This is enough. Kranbang dominated Meta with lower penetration. This tank has a large level of armor. ” I go through you, but you don’t go through me ” This is selfish. Unlike E3, this tank has a turret. So this tank is much more advantageous than passive e3 in line battles. Do you all remember the moment when E4’s armor was strong at the beginning of its release?
      This adjustment is more meaningful because the maximum speed is reduced by 6 km/h. Before going down, it was forward 41 backward 17 with turbo installed. This just was season 2 of Kran, which had higher penetration with Alpha.

      I think this adjustment is reasonable. Many unicoms on YouTube were also worried about this tank. I understand you feel bad about the new tank being adjusted from the start. But my friend. Don’t worry. This tank will be different. Not like poor rhino. Please look forward to it.

        1. It’s good to see the rino brothers. Yeah, Rino is pretty decent in a random battle. I like 50b and t57, rino is also ok for me. However, considering the maximum speed or intra clip or poor snap shot, it is unfortunate. I understand why people talk about rino. I think it would be nice to buff one of these. Not all of these, Just one would be perfect.

        2. Except the Rino isn’t even good at all. The reload is the biggest issue, especially since most games are way too fast-paced. Worst of all: the brain dead, third-world Slavs at WG refuse to buff it. Now with the Minotauro coming out, I’m done asking for them to fix the Rino. It is one of my favorite tanks, so I’ll keep it in the garage as a memento. But that’s it.

          1. I’m careful to bring up Rino’s dpm theme. I also think that rino’s dpm is too much checked by wg. After seeing proggeto m40 occupy the rank game in the past, WG realized that Italy’s reload was very strong. Now i geuss Wg won’t touch dpm for fear that rino will kill amx 50b or t57(same support clip heavy role) completely. Considering this, if rino will get buff,
            Wg will choose keep low dpm and improve other performance. But well, this is Only predict. Wh know many people want Dpm buff, so wg could considering that way too.

          2. Maybe if you dont like its play style is not your favorite tank.
            If you dont like low DPM tanks it cant be your favorite tank as the tank is what it is, Low dpm autoloader but with super good accuracy but bad dispersion on the move.
            Its a good tank, yes it suffer fast battles more than a T57 but it got other things better

    3. Oh there is a JagdPIZZA in the game with 420 pen, and I love to eat it =)))))))
      This 43% pro truly enlightened me how powerful those TDs are.
      Thank you for calling everyone who has brain “pathetic kids”.
      I had some nice giggles here =))))))

    4. Foch 155 has not that good armor and also has WeakSpots, and got good pen because has the logic of a TD not a hulldown heavy like the minotauro
      Same for the Object is the only real TD in tier 10, good gun, descent mobility and okey cammo with bad armor.
      If you dont understand balance please dont comment.

      I would prefer the minotauro to get nerfed in armor (real WeakSpots in cupulas)

      But this is ok

  2. rather than nerf it straight (which would not be a bad idea as bunker meta is totally boring …), I would welcome the addition of (usable) weakspots, meaning spots, that can more or less be reliable hit when aimed in. no two pixel cupolas or jokes like 268/4, where you still need HEAT/APCR (as tier 9 or lower) to stand at least a small chance of penning that thing.

    1. 268v4 is hard to pen?
      Every tank that has >250 pen can pen it without any problem.
      Every tank with HEAT in its MM will eat it alive if their players have a somewhat decent aim.
      Do you even know why the 268v4 is rarely used in Rank or CW?

      1. 268 V4 it is used both in ranks and CW, it does not have the mobility and versatility of a fast heavy thats why Avg clans dont use them as much as fast heavies

        1. I didn’t say it’s never used in Rank & CW, but that’s rarely the case.
          The situations in which 268v4 can be used, E3 can be used too. And most of time, E3 is simply a better choice.
          The biggest reason for this is how unreliable 268v4’s armor is.
          Yes its armor is troll even you load HEAT, but for a tank that has only 2.2k HP (with Hardening installed), it’s matter of time until you get back to your garage as your opponents can always snipe your top weakspot.

          1. Well for holding a line yes E3 is better, for pushing i dont know it got a easy lower glassis to pen.
            While the V4 is better for pushing in open maps since it got better cammo

        1. At whatever distance they will load HEAT and shoot you at your UFP.
          With 330mm HEAT pen, you have 50% chance to pen it.
          With 340mm HEAT, you have 60% chance.
          What people couldn’t care less nowaday is credits, simply as that.
          If you feel like you have 0 chances to pen something like the 268v4, you need to improve your aim, A LOT.

          1. UFP pens depends on the angles and the size of the enemy and its distance, in close combat an E100 will pen easy your UFP because of the height difference it reduce your angle and thats when it pens your UFP happens the same for the 279 facing tall tanks like Maus or Type 5 in close combat.

            While in distance the height importance is reduced and mediums are usually same height as the 268 V4 and that is a problem since you cant shoot realiable its lower plate and either its upper plate.

            Thats when the armor of the V4 becomes good, facing meds.
            More if the V4 is setup for not getting flanked

  3. to all those crybabys complaining about the 1.18…. in your face >:v

    I mean, still is not really balanced, because still has strong armour and now it has weaker gun… but is SLOWER, wich makes is more like an E3…. which is a situational tank and no broken… and proves that leaving RU is making WG taking better decitions… nerfing the tank because people complained about… One of the best things WG has done in years… And a prove that we need to start giving real feedback instead of just crying… We have now a real chance to improve the game, we mustnt mist it.

      1. Hi, quite strong argument, I used the same with your mom… and now you are here son… Sometimes I thought maybe I needed to raise my child… Sadly I was right he grew up as a brainless boy u.u Sry SON.

  4. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen something actually get nerfed while still on the common test, rather than like 20 stat changes on supertest or waiting 6 months to nerf it after it already went live

    it’s at least the start of a good trend, hopefully, where commontest doesnt really matter

  5. Minotauro pen will be fine, most heavies at Tier 10 work with similar and lower numbers and almost none enjoys the level of armor Minotauro has.

    The most critical change is the speed nerf, and that’s a good change. The last thing we need is this thing barrelling around at 42 km/h.

    1. I bet the situation won’t change much since its topspeed remains 85.7% with the same acceleration as everyone will put a Bond Turbo in this thing.
      About 345 -> 330 pen? It still can pen everything without any problem.
      This thing’s performance will decrease but only a little.

    1. The Italian top-tier TDs have a traditional autoloader, even if with long intraclip reload. They are not autoreloaders. Once you begin emptying that clip, the only way to get shells back in it is to fully reload.

  6. The fact that they’re nerfing them means wargaming knows they’re overpowered, but are deliberately ignoring the reason why (i.e. the armour model). Nice one WG.

    1. Armor is what makes this thing stands out and has its own signature.
      WG is not stupid enough to remove this keyfeature (a.k.a make a proper top weakspot a.k.a give it a BIGGER cupola) just to make some players feel good when shooting at this thing hulldowned.
      On top of everything, OP-ness comes from the combination of everything, not just armor.

      1. Ah yes, the “signature” of this tank – having absolutely no weakspots whatsoever when hulldown and being completely impenetrable unless you get a very lucky high roll on pen with ~400mm+ HEAT. It’s not “stupid” for them to give it a proper weakspot, it’s stupid for them to make a tank that can sit hulldown and lock down an angle while going completely unpunished. The E3 is toxic enough and now they’ve made an E3 with a turret. Yes the way the clip works also contributes to how powerful it is – but it would be somewhat balanced if it didn’t have retard-proof armour.

      2. ppl like you are the reason we are sitting in the same fucking hulldown meta since s.conq came, because its never enough right? 400mm turret isnt enough, you need to have 0 weakspots when using the gundep right? because you are fucking trash lmao
        signature of the tank? it is such a signature in wot 2022 to have a non penetrable turret with 0, easy to hide or pixel weakspots
        with this fucking hulldown shit wg is just digging its own grave because yall cant have enough, always need better and more, such a miracle why the avg battle lasts 3 minutes

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