WoT Update 1.18: Common Test 3 Patch Notes

Main Changes

Map Changes


  • In square E2, the terrain of the slope has been additionally emphasized with texture to improve noticeability.


  • In square D6 from the upper base side, the ability to drive into an area not intended for playing has been removed.

  • In square D4, the ability to drive up the hill from the northwest side has been balanced for both teams. Only fast vehicles can use the driveway, which, thanks to their speed, allows them to traverse the slope.
  • A bush has been added in square E5 at the entrance to the central part of the castle to balance the abilities of the teams.


  • In squares E2–F2, the way up the slope from the lower team side has been slightly widened. Unnecessary bushes have been removed.


  • In square D8, the cavity in the terrain, which allowed for firing safely at enemy heavy tanks in the area of the fallen zeppelin, has been removed.

Fixed Issues and Improvements

Fixed the issue of the speedometer of wheeled vehicles being displayed in the Sniper Aim when the corresponding option was enabled in the game settings.

Fixed the issue of the Minefield ability being displayed as deployed by an enemy in the Steel Hunter tournaments for observers in the Varyag vehicle.

Fixed the visualization of the knocked-down tracks for the Object 279 (e) when the Track Physics option is enabled with the Standard or higher preset selected.

Fixed some UI issues.

Fixed some localization issues.

2 thoughts on “WoT Update 1.18: Common Test 3 Patch Notes

  1. Dude the bush in Lakeville is really necessary . I swear wargaming either has no clue or they just want to remove all cover on all maps .

    1. not the ones they are talking about… there is a set near the red line that can be removed

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