WoT: Transfer Opportunities for Players from CIS to the EU Realm (New EU3/EU4 Servers!)

Source: EU Portal

In April’s operations update, it was announced that Wargaming’s entire live games business in Russia and Belarus, including World of Tanks, had been transferred to Lesta Games.

Since then, Wargaming and Lesta Games managed to achieve complete structural and financial separation. Live products are now operated and monetized by two independent companies that do not share any revenue: Lesta Games in Russia and Belarus, and Wargaming in all other countries.

The two companies will continue to work together to carry out the following next steps in this process: the creation of a separate game client under Lesta Games, a new name and logo for players in Russia and Belarus, and the start of account transfers.

Every currently registered player on the CIS realm will have to decide between:

  • a transfer to the EU region operated by Wargaming;
  • or to the Lesta Games servers.

Important: All payment methods from Lesta Games (RU region) will only be available to players from the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus. Players from other countries will only be able to make payments to Wargaming.

Account transfers are going to start in September, and transferred players will immediately be able to experience the same specials, benefits, and services that existing EU players already have access to. The EU World of Tanks portal and player support portal will be available in two additional languages, Ukrainian and Russian, and dedicated community channels will be created. The game client will receive language support for Ukrainian, Russian, and Kazakh. These languages are being added as they represent the most commonly spoken languages in the CIS realm.

Transferring accounts on a large scale between servers is incredibly complicated. We are fully committed to ensuring the process is as smooth as possible for all affected players.

We will create new EU servers (EU3 & EU4) for transferred players to ease the transfer process, make it more comfortable, and avoid disruptions to the live game for both new and existing EU players. For now, transferred players will not be able to select EU1 or EU2 as a server option, while existing players will not be able to access EU3 or EU4. However, playing in a platoon is available, and invited players will be transferred to the server of the platoon leader. Participation in all game events, such as special events, competitive game modes, and Premium Shop offers, is not impacted by this division and will be available to everyone.

Let us welcome both new and experienced commanders to our server and check the FAQ for additional information about the transfer procedure, the impact on existing and transferred EU players, and further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can transfer?

Only players from the CIS region can transfer to the EU region.

What is the timeline for transfer?

The transfers will be available starting September 2022.

Will transferred players be able to play with the current EU server population?

In short, yes, however, to avoid EU players facing disruption because of the transfer process, there will be temporary restrictions.

Transferred players will be allocated dedicated servers: EU3 and EU4.

They will be able to invite players from the EU1 and EU2 into platoons but will not be able to directly log in to World of Tanks and select EU1 or EU2.

The opposite is also possible, current EU players will be able to play with players from EU3 and EU4 through a platoon invite.

If the platoon is disbanded, the player can continue playing on the server until they log out or switch back to their allotted server.

Will there be any differences between the current EU1 and EU2 servers, and the new EU3 and EU4 servers?

There are no differences. Events and activities planned for the current EU realm will also occur for the new servers: EU3 and EU4.

Depending on the demand, we will look into providing additional servers for transferred players.

Where will the new servers be located?

EU 3 will be in Luxembourg and is recommended for players located in Ukraine and Western Europe.

EU 4 will be in Kazakhstan and is recommended for players located in Central Asia.

What services will be made available for transferred players?

Our priority is to ensure transferred players are given the same quality of service as players who originally started playing in the EU realm.

Ukrainian and Russian languages will be supported on the Official World of Tanks Portal, Wargaming Game Center, and World of Tanks game client. Additionally, Kazakh will be available as a language in the game client.

Premium Shop and customer support services will also support Ukrainian and Russian languages.

What will change for me as a current player in the EU region?

Nothing, as previously stated, transferred players will not be able to directly play with current EU players.

Will transferred players retain their account progress and garage inventory (vehicles, boosters, customizations, etc.)?

Yes, with some exceptions. For example, due to licensing limitations, certain items cannot be transferred.

I have a question that hasn’t been addressed in the FAQ – where can I seek answers?

Head to the discussion thread below or the official discord and ask for further support. Our community managers will get back to you as soon as possible.

I’m from Russia/ Belarus and play in the EU realm. I want to switch to Lesta, can I do so with my account?

No, an account transfer from the EU servers to Lesta Games is not possible.

If a transferred player shares the same nickname as me, will I be forced to change mine?


  1. If the existing nickname is not taken by an EU player, it will be moved as it is
  2. If it is already taken, then the system will try to create an account with a nickname using the [old_name]_[id_account] template if the “new” nickname does not exceed the character limit for nicknames
    1. If it exceeds the template, it will create a random nickname.

If a nickname changes during transfer, the player will have a chance to rename the account for free.

Will the Lesta and Wargaming versions of the game be identical in terms of content? For example, new branches, maps, modes, balancing, etc.

Lesta Games will continue the operation of World of Tanks in Russia and Belarus with a new client based on the current game version. However, as the game is now operated and monetized by two independent companies, further client development is decided separately and might lead to differences in the future.

Can players transfer their clan to the EU?

Yes, if requested by the Clan Commander.

What if the clan leader decided to transfer his clan, but the RU clan tag is already taken on the EU server? Should we be afraid that our tag will be revoked and given to these clans?

When moving to the EU region, the clan will be generated a random tag and be given a free rename. If the EU region already has a clan with such a tag, the transferred clan will not be able to use your clan tag.

4 thoughts on “WoT: Transfer Opportunities for Players from CIS to the EU Realm (New EU3/EU4 Servers!)

  1. Pretty hard to be welcoming of Russian and Belarusian players, for obvious reasons. I understand claiming every one of them is a dog of Putin or Lukasenko is unbelievably ignorant, but they better be ready for a lot of stigma when they migrate to EU.

    Also disregarding current events, I don’t know what to expect from Russian players, on test server they are griefers beyond compare.

  2. I migrated from ru server myself, and registered a new account on EU once I was able to escape Kharkiv(unfortunately almost all of my stuff [PC included] was destroyed during 1 of the residential area bombings with my house being in that area..). I can say that even though I remember the pass for my old account, I want it to die out with all the memories about my home.

    U are asking what to expect from rushnz and belarushnz? Toxicity of course. You’ll see how greedy they are in battle and how their *uthurt reflects on other players. I am no angel myself(but I try to say things like ‘bikini bottom’ about my team mates when we are having a dry defeat in the battle, instead of cursing and swearing on everyone, as if I was raised by drunkards).

    Overall – only gameplay will change. I doubt that many of them will transfer – most that will however, are probably gonna troll/curse/abuse Ukrainians a lot (100% sure about that) and will try to do the same thing with a global/battle chat, as they did in their own **ithole(Global and Battle chats are disabled on ru region).

    I think WG should allow Ukrainian players to join existing servers(1 & 2) – as those servers are stable and the increase of online won’t be that significant for them. As for the bela and rushnz – they should definitely be sorted out by IP addresses and have their own server (3rd one). That way, developers can see how they affect the gameplay(and cut down any recidivism from their side).

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