12 thoughts on “WoT – The World of Tanks Auction Is Here! Get Ready for Rare and Unique In-Game Items!

  1. My inclination is to ignore this event as though it never existed.

    Though it might be the new normal.

    The Obj.780 event was too successful apparently.

    1. The Obj.780 event was too successful apparently.

      The first batch of Object (the one with the camo) sold out in like 15/20 minutes on each server, and the second (without camo) within half a day, of course it was successful.

      1. The point was, which apparently wasn’t obvious enough, is that this is the new standard. If you preferred the “Black Market,” wave goodbye to that. The next question is how far does WG take with this approach before they bludgeon it into the ground.

  2. I’m not spending 50 million credits on a tank worth 8 million if that.
    Quickly Baby discussed this the other day. How far WG are extreme selling tanks etc

  3. I have 677 tanks.
    I need more, more, more
    They never have anything for we who have everything already.

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