WoT: Arcade Cabinet: Tranquility

From August 12 at 10:00 CEST through August 14 at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2)

Standard Rules for All Launches

All launches in Arcade Cabinet will be played according to the standard rules of Random Battles:

  • Same-tier battles will be in the 15v15 format.* Only Tier VIII and X vehicles are allowed.
  • Matchmaking is by vehicle type.
  • Objective: Capture the base or destroy all enemy vehicles.
  • Platoons are allowed.
  • Battle results in this mode do not count towards your statistics. You have nothing to prove, so just play and enjoy!
  • Credits and Combat XP earning rates, as well as the costs of repairs and consumables, are the same as in Random Battles.
  • Bonds and Battle Pass Points cannot be earned in this mode.
  • Combat missions for credits will be available in Tier X battles.
  • The principles of fair play should be followed in all battles.
Each of the Arcade Cabinet submodes will have separate queues for Tier VIII and X vehicles. If there is an insufficient number of players in the queue, the matchmaker may launch a battle with fewer participants.

Battles in the Arcade Cabinet submodes will be fought on the following maps:
Cliff, Ensk, Erlenberg, Fisherman’s Bay, Himmelsdorf, Mines, Westfield

4 thoughts on “WoT: Arcade Cabinet: Tranquility

    1. You don’t pick up the easy 350 bonds from these events? I’d suggest that’s a mistake given what a hassle they are to get.

      1. Actually, you can pick up 400 bonds:

        Even though it takes only two days to complete the mission for the 250 bonds, you can still run the missions again on day 3 after completing the mission for 50 more bonds.

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