WoT: KV-1SA On 1.18 CT

(USSR, Tier-5, HT, premium, reverse autoreloader with 6 shells)
The characteristics of the Soviet KV-1SA have not changed.

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Historical Reference:
Starting in 1941, G. V. Barabash, a professor from the Academy of the WPRA Mechanization and Motorization Program, developed at least 5 variations of mechanized loading systems for Soviet combat vehicles.
In July 1943, he proposed his most advanced option for shell loading, which could load 12–18 shells per minute and would be based on the KV-1S. The tank received an improved turret with two hatches on the side to load the shells and an improved rear recess that stored ammunition. Shells were also located in a mechanized rack at the bottom of the fighting compartment, under the gun. Since the mechanism was not fully automatic, a loader was still needed as part of the crew. Red Army GABTU representatives rejected the engineer’s suggestions without even bothering to test the mechanism, and by early 1944, the mechanism for 76.2 mm guns was no longer relevant. After the war, G. V. Barabash managed to secure the copyright for several of his suggestions. Later, his ideas were likely considered by the design collectives that created loading mechanisms for Soviet tanks in the 1950–60s.

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  1. Is there such a thing as a premium tank? Does it have increased XP and credit bonuses? The T 50-2 is among the special tanks, and this tank is among the premium tanks!

    1. No. All the hype was just to lure all in to rule them all…and many believed they will be rewarded 😀 While losing their lives :* From WG with love

    2. Nope they only did that once because they were lazy.
      Now all you battle pass suckers keep paying and praying for another marathon just in case lmao

  2. Just played a game today where there was one of them in it… didn’t get anywhere near it before it was dead though.

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