WoT CT 1.18: Changes to Chieftain Proto, Vipera, TS-54

FV4201 Chieftain Proto

Dispersion factors
… moving (+)
0.17 to 0.22
… tank traverse (+)
0.17 to 0.22
… turret traverse (+)
0.08 to 0.13

Tank traverse (°/sec)
31.29 to 28.16
Turret traverse (°/sec)
33.38 to 28.16

Effective traverse
… hard terrain (°/sec)
29.73 to 26.75
… medium terrain (°/sec)
25.15 to 22.64
… soft terrain (°/sec)
14.22 to 12.79

Health (HP)
1,950 to 1800

View range (m)
400 to 390

SMV CC-64 Vipera

Top speed (km/h)
32 to 30

1,400 to 1300


Aim time (sec)
3.36 to 2.88

Dispersion at 100m
0.42 to 0.40
… damaged
0.84 to 0.81

Power (h.p.)
570 to 650

Power/weight (h.p. /t)
11.40 to 13

Effective top speed
… hard terrain (km/h)
30.99 to 35
… medium terrain (km/h)
25.52 to 29.10
… soft terrain (km/h)
12.76 to 14.55

Health (HP)
1,400 to 1600

10 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.18: Changes to Chieftain Proto, Vipera, TS-54

  1. the chieftain proto was underperforming like crazy and they nerf it 10/10 but since it is a chief im not going to complain.
    vipera and ts-54 changes seems ok-ish

  2. The more WG nerf the Chieftain Proto the more likely it emerges as a reward, or even a tech-tree vehicle.

    1. If it was a reward it would be OP, look at Concept 1B and KPz 50t.

      If it’s a Battle Pass reward however, then yes it can be trash. Look what they did with Lorraine 50t.

    2. Making it a tech tree tank is what should happen. Create a mini-branch with it at Tier IX and the Chieftain Mk 6 at Tier X.

  3. Proto Chieftain needs BiA, 100% field mods and food to have stats that are actually decent, otherwise Conqueror (and maybe M103 too after they buff it) beats it easily. And Conqueror is hardly a great tank – SUPER Conqueror is.

    That said, I’m happy for the TS-54 buffs.

  4. I was really hoping the Chieftain Proto would be a decent premium tank about as good as an average tech tree heavy. These nerfs are moving it in the direction of being miserable to play like the WZ 114.

  5. It’s hilarious that they’ll do ANYTHING but nerf the armour on the Vipera. At this rate it’s going to be nerfed until it’s miserable to play – but still miserable to play against – because the devs are allergic to the idea of giving that thing a sane amount of armour.

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