Cost of Researching The New Italian TDs

With Update 1.18, a brand-new branch of Italian tank destroyers will make their Tech Tree debut in the game. Join the Common Test to try out six researchable Tier V–X vehicles, all with decent frontal armor and great gun depression angles! Most importantly, these tanks feature a classic autoloader with an unusual configuration for Tier VII–X vehicles.

Vehicle XP cost / vehicle XP cost with the necessary modules:

  • Semovente M41 = 12,650 
  • Semovente M43 = 28,500 / 47,750
  • SMV CC-56 = 46.300 / 120.550
  • SMV CC-67 = 73.900 / 235.750
  • Controcarro 1 Mk. 2 = 154.100 / 426.150
  • Controcarro 3 Minotauro = 197,400 / 757,050

If you want to research everything with blueprints, then you need: 444 universal + 138 national fragments, and 244,200 free experience. This is it if you get 12,650 experience at tier4 in advance.

Leave a feedback about these tanks(closing on Tuesday, 9 August 2022 09:00):

5 thoughts on “Cost of Researching The New Italian TDs

  1. OP pieces of shit with yet another new mechanic selling point.
    It’s getting beyond a joke with tiny maps, improved mobility, hulldown no weakspot high alpha auto loaders.
    No wonder new players are pushed into top tiers shit on then leave. Way to keep your players.
    Players cry about gold ammo. When you have every tank already what else do I have to spend 30m of credits on lol

    1. Having a surplus of credits does not justify gold ammo, as a gameplay aspect it’s wrong and should have never existed in the first place. We fooled ourselves into thinking gold ammo for credits was a good improvement, we were wrong. It should’ve been removed back then, and by now it is way too late to do anything.

  2. Filled the feedback sheet provided, it’s kind of amusing that the only tanks where more than “Did you play this” is asked are the Tier 8, 9 and 10. And for the Tier 10 there’s an extra question asking if I actively play competitive (clans, ranked, etc.).

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