WoT: Possible Premium Tanks Coming To EU/NA/RU/ASIA Soon

On the 4th of August an exclusive Loot Box event is going to start on the Chinese server where it is going to be possible to get the VIIIUdarniy (formerly known as Object 259A), VIIIWZ113-II or VIIIKV-4 KTTS

The rest of the servers are lacking of Marathons, so it might be a possibility to earn one of these tanks from an upcoming Marathon.

Image translated rewards of their event:

1200_wot_lootbox-list_1.translated 1200_wot_lootbox-list_1

18 thoughts on “WoT: Possible Premium Tanks Coming To EU/NA/RU/ASIA Soon

  1. Technically Object 259A and Udarniy are separate tanks, they have different stats.

    Also, calling – Udarniy will show up as a marathon for the WoT birthday event. KV-4 KTTS just went to supertest, and WZ-113-II is Chinese-exclusive AFAIK.

      1. Makes sense to only sell something that absurdly broken in the Chinese region, it’s the only play they could really get away with it outside of the new RU region maybe

      2. If that’s the case it will be like what happened with Gonsalo – CHN got Gonsalo with some goofy skins, rest of the world got Caliban.

    1. Udarniy/Shock was setup as a CN exclusive, I thought. It’s very blunt–poor penetration, high armor, terrible aimtime, completely inflexible and slow.

      WZ-113-II is indeed Chinese exclusive.. good. It’s a terrifyingly boring vehicle in every way.

      259A is a much better balanced vehicle that I think will be better appreciated by 277 enjoyers. I would have made a couple adjustments, but it’s nicely balanced as-is. It falls apart quickly once its position falls through due to its exceptionally poor reverse and hull traverse speeds; in tandem with its low nominal armor thickness. The IS-7 like terrain resistances and gun depression fiercely limit its ability to flex. It’s a vehicle that must commit everything to a flank.

      It’s almost something you’d want to run vents, improved turbo, and grousers on. For a tier 8 Russian heavy, the gun is unusually good. There’s not much gain there to be had from equipment. Meanwhile, the ~45kmh top speed on medium terrain and small weakspots would allow you to make good use of a flank once you’ve won it.

  2. I met the udairny on EU server a couple of days ago. Don’t think they would be testing it here to see how it would do on the CN server

      1. Pictures were leaked here but not sure witch version . one of them was tested on EU live along with the k 91 2

    1. EU is the new supertest hub after the flight from RU, it’s very possible that what they gather here will be used for the other servers – it’s what they did when supertest was on RU.

  3. EU cluster will have the same event(with loot boxes) – mark my words. But the pricing for 1 box will be ted different. Still, it’s not a bad thing – WG needs our money, so we should participate(no). 🙂

    1. Would drop money for Udarniy if it’s a marathon or another event that isn’t a slot machine. If it is on EU as well then wallet stays closed, odds for loot boxes in WoT have become worse and worse with each passing year – even the holiday boxes are nowhere as good as they used to be.

      Look at this – nine tanks, ten skins, ten other possible rubbish. Odds for Udarniy will be what, 0,0001%? Sorry, I don’t play games rigged against me.

  4. Wow
    WZ has -4°
    Absolutely useless tank.
    -5 is bear unplayable

    Giving -6.5 to T,343 was what saved it from the trash bin.

    -5= Being unable to step on a car on an otherwise flat street and be unable to point your gun at the enemy is a joke.

    -4 means you HAVE to use terrain to push your gun down almost always!
    Even face hugging will be problematic

  5. The problem with previous loot boxes was not regarding the drop chance of certain tanks, but rather with the contents that drop when it’s not a tank. For example – for a price of almost 400 gold you received 1 equipment demounting instruction(that costs 10 gold) or a day of a premium account. In order for customers/players to be satisfied, at least make the drop fair – if it is equal to 400 gold, then put 40 demounting instructions or 2 days of premium as a minimal drop, along with an equal amount of silver that matches gold conversion.
    I was furious with T77 loot boxes back in the day, and almost quit the game when I spent around 100$ and received a couple of demounting instructions and days of premium(however, Astron Rex did drop for me). So overall, the thing I want WG to acknowledge is this: BE FAIR TO UR LOYAL PLAYERBASE AND REWARD THEM WITH ENOUGH DIGITAL GOODIES FOR THE MONEY THEY SPEND IN UR GAME

    1. Astron Rex is one of the best premiums in the game. Were it not for AMBT existing, I’d rate it the strongest tier 8 premium to come out in the past 3 years… Even then, Astron Rex has the silhouette of a hulldown British light tank. The odds of a shell even making contact are incredibly miniscule.

      IMHO, you got out ahead. T77 is fun, but only slightly above average.

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