WoT EU: Lorraine 40 t and IS-3A Offers

Available from August 1 at 07:00 CEST through August 8 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Lorraine 40 t, Tier VIII French Medium Tank

  • 4-Round Autoloading 100 mm Gun
  • DPM: 1,655 HP/min
  • Rate of Fire: 5 rounds/min

IS-3A, Tier VIII Soviet Heavy Tank

  • 3-Round Autoreloading 122 mm Gun
  • DPM: 1,950 HP/min
  • Rate of Fire: 8 rounds/min

  • Autoloaders feature primarily in French vehicles and reload the entire magazine at once when prompted, or when the previous magazine runs out.
  • Autoreloaders are usually found in Italian mediums and automatically reload each round individually. The more loaded shells in the clip, the shorter the reload time for the next round. This means that the last shell loads the fastest.
    • Inverse autoreloaders, like the one in the IS-3A, are the opposite. The more loaded shells in the clip, the longer the reload time for the next round. That means that the first shell loads the fastest.

Despite their differences, these tanks share the deadly ability to quickly rip opponents to shreds. Check out the two tanks below, and take advantage of the Premium Shop offers to add them to your Garage!

Lorraine 40 t Offers

Want to learn more about autoloaders and the IS-3A? Check out the videos below from World of Tanks Europe’s YouTube channel!

7 thoughts on “WoT EU: Lorraine 40 t and IS-3A Offers

  1. You’re forgetting the TL-1 PLC tank offers.
    All of them bundled with The Hasbeens camo.
    Also, you can buy the camo without the tank.

    …Anyone know when or if you could get the tank without the camo?

    1. You can’t. You aren’t forced to use the camo though and as the price of the cheapest TL-1 PLC package is on par with the pricier premium tanks available in the shop and you get 4 zero-skill crew members with the tank, that’s about as good a deal as WG is going to offer. Arguably beaten by the T-42 which I think was a bit cheaper and came with 10 zero-skill crew members. TL-1 is better as a tank though, so make of that what you wish.

      1. Then why offer the camo separately for €13,57 if you’re forced into already having it any time you bought the tank? Bad marketing department or something?

        And besides, regardless of how “good” the deal is; I still demand the option to buy it without the hasbeens bullsmeg even if it is a “worse” deal.

        1. Maybe it was possible to buy the TL-1 without the special camo and crew when it was first released? Maybe some players have gotten it as a tournament reward without the skin or something? I can’t remember off the top of my head nor do I care enough to to go digging.

            1. Right, according to the forum it was available during a black market event.
              Still think it should be on offer without the skin.

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