13 thoughts on “WoT: TS-54 Spotted on EU

        1. If you think I’m on the rooskies’ side while TAP is siding with the West, try commenting ANYTHING that doesn’t stroke their ego…and see how they react to some very mild and appropriate criticism

          (Or maybe they already typed down your nickname as a lapdog account and won’t care, or sth…but I still think they’d take issue with it)

          Either way – git gud, scrub. And as the other person here pointed out – that was sarcasm in my previous comment

          1. Wtf are you mumbling on about now?!
            Nobody gives toss about Ukraine or Russia war here.
            You are the only one calling people ruskies.
            Why don’t you grow the fuck up and leave normal comments rather than trying to be a wannabe hipster.

  1. I can confirm the pic is a fake, because there is no player with the name killer__chris on the EU server. Also the TS-54 inside the game isn’t called TS-54, it’s called TS-X Experimental (1954)

    1. TS-X Experimental (1954)

      Really weird name, when WG changes names they use goofy words – Defender, Guard, Renegade, Gonsalo, etc.

      And tanks.gg still uses “TS-54”.

  2. I had a game yesterday that had the Russian udairy or something like that on enemy team yesterday. Checked the stats of the player, he was very good and his dpg in the tank was very high. Looks like another op Russian heavy

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