WoT: Increased response times for support


Due to an increased load on Player Support, the response time for tickets has increased to 4 days. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, but assure you that we will consider all of your requests and provide an appropriate response to each one.

Please do not create duplicate tickets and do not supplement already created ones unless you need to add important data to them. Duplicate requests are combined, and the combined request is sent to the back of the queue. Please try to include as much information as possible in your first ticket.

13 thoughts on “WoT: Increased response times for support

  1. copy and paste is what you get from their support. Additional 4 day to get this seems appropriate for a game trying to milk the community.

  2. They say “increased load”, are they overwhelmed by tickets? Or did they cut employees to make some more money? Their sales have been 90% trash for months after all…

    1. They overloaded with 43% noobs who get killed by “invisible” tanks whilst playing Tier8 after 200 battles then cry to WG Support about player hacks lmao

  3. Shhhh don’t say that too loudly, or Seb and the others are gonna get angry and delete your comment – or their pet commenters are gonna bully you for daring to doubt that the TAP staff is flawless and can’t ever get anything wrong

    1. I like this comment section. Better than the sell-out shill moderators in the WG Forum who lock and remove anything which criticises their masters WG.

      1. Corporate wants you to find the difference between this comment section and the WG forum comment section

        (Spoiler: they’re the same kind of comment section)

          1. American? Maybe only to your mum, if she can’t tell the difference between my accent and an American one

            But tbh I’d rather be a ‘murican than a rooskie like you lot…and that says a lot

          2. I find it funny that someone that uses the handle “Spock” would respond with such an illogical emotional response.

  4. Is the game finally in flush mode? MM is broke as ever we know that, ghost shells are ever prevalent and the release of 2D styles is a running joke.

    1. I only play frontline. Random battles is a joke. The same stale and broken game mode for over 12 years lmao
      Insanity – someone who keeps doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result 🤔

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