WoT: Historical 3D Style for the 121B

On EU the top 4,000 players of the event by personal Fame Points earned will receive the new historical 3D style for the 121B with unique Marks of Excellence.

*This 3D style does not include the 121B itself. However, you will receive it even if you do not have the 121B tank in your Garage. 

10 thoughts on “WoT: Historical 3D Style for the 121B

  1. About time WG started handing out unique cosmetic items (styles, decals, etc.) instead of OP pos tanks, the purples never needed the latter.

  2. “Historical” style.
    The damn thing never existed, so how could it even be historical.
    The L7-armed version of the 121 was proposed, but never came to fruition due to the western countries not agreeing to the sale of the gun.

    1. I think the ‘historical’ here means that the skin remains visible even with unhistorical visuals setting turned off.

      1. That doesn’t make sense, as the 121B can’t be classified as an historical visual when the entire 121B project never went farther than the destroyed and clssified blueprints.

        Also, the 121 tank armed with the L7 gun never went to life because the original 121 project never went either. Albeit there are rumors that state that the 121 designation was a trick to lure Western countries to spy on i, to make them think the Type 69 was a support tank and the 121 was some sort of big caliber heavy tank, while actually China was developing and proposing upgrades to the Type 69 (which was the WZ-121, what a coincidence).

        1. Historical means that the 3D style will be left on when players select “historical camo only” in the game settings.
          This works for prototype or fictional vehicles too. ALways has worked.

    2. You at it again with your petty bullshit in a vidya gaem? Give it up you petty tool!

      Japan is a footstool of the west as the loser of WWII. Economy has been shit since US took back semiconductors, it’s so bad Abe got shot up to shit. Guess who’s acting the Uncle Tom house slave? Keep getting farmed running your complete bullshit type 5 lmao.

  3. I wonder if this will be for sale via the Ranked Bond Store (where the Concept 1B is).

    1. Dont think so… and why should it be even available there? Its a campaign reward exclusive.

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