WoT: Prime Gaming’s July Drop: “Adepta Sororitas” Bundle

This is the introductory content of the new Amazon Prime Gaming Package which is going to be available in the beginning of August.

Commander “Patricia Laserian”

Unique medal/stickers bundled with Prime Gaming.

Source: rykoszet.info

5 thoughts on “WoT: Prime Gaming’s July Drop: “Adepta Sororitas” Bundle

  1. Yay a Commander THE only thing ever of interest in WG Prime err, exuse me “Premium Shop Spam” …… at least with a Free zero perk Commander you ‘actually’ get something that’s genuinely nice to own and very useful

    1. She is supposed to look this way. Sororitas order is basically a lesbo club of buffed(on spacemarine steroids) female warriors – they are designed to be so unattractive..

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