WoWS: The split of the Hydrophone consumable, changes to I-56 – Public Test 0.11.7

As was previously announced, in Update 0.11.7 the Hydrophone consumable will be split into two – Echo-Ranging Set and Low-Frequency Hydrophone. We are ready to share the initial settings of these consumables. There will also be changes made to Japanese submarine I-56.

The settings of new consumables

Echo-Ranging Set

The consumable shows the position of surface ships and highlights the bottom topography. It will become available from the start of the battle

Submarine Action time, s Reload time, s Interval between pings, s Ship bearing effect duration, s Ship bearing distance, km Number of charges
VI Cachalot, VIII Salmon, 30 60 6 4 8 Unlimited
X Balao 30 60 6 4 9 Unlimited
VI U-69, VIII U-190 30 80 6 4 7 Unlimited
X U-2501 30 80 6 4 8 Unlimited
VIII S-189 30 80 6 4 7 Unlimited
VIII I-56 30 80 6 4 7 1

Low-Frequency Hydrophone

The consumable allows you to detect submerged submarines.

Submarine Action time, s Reload time, s Submarines’ spotting range, km Number of charges Consumable preparation time at the beginning of the battle, s
VI Cachalot, VIII SalmonX Balao 60 120 6 Unlimited 360
VI U-69, VIII U-190X U-2501 60 120 9 Unlimited 360
VIII S-189 60 80 9 Unlimited 300

The I-56’s limited number of Echo-Ranging Set consumable charges and lack of Low-Frequency Hydrophone are due to the submarine’s gameplay. She has less means of interaction with submarines in comparison to other submarines. However, I-56 has some strong advantages against surface ships – powerful long range torpedoes as well as a 140mm main caliber gun with SAP shells which serves as an additional damage source and allows her to destroy ships that have low amounts of HP remaining.


Added the Reserve Battery Unit consumable with the following settings:

  • Reload time: 90 s;
  • Action time: 30 s;
  • Number of charges: 2.

Considering I-56’s low dive capacity, the Reserve Battery Unit will give the submarine more options when it needs to hide or stealthily change attack direction.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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