WoT EU: ISU-152K & 105 leFH18B2 Offers


Available from July 18 at 07:00 CEST through July 25 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

ISU-152K, Tier VIII Soviet Tank Destroyer

  • DPM: 2,368
  • Damage: 750/750/950 HP
  • Penetration: 286/329/90 mm
    UP TO 28% OFF

105 leFH18B2, Tier V French Self-Propelled Gun

  • DPM: 2,645
  • Rate of Fire: 6.45 rounds/minute
  • Aiming Time: 5.1 s
    UP TO 28% OFF

13 thoughts on “WoT EU: ISU-152K & 105 leFH18B2 Offers

  1. Yeah, there you have your balance, right to your F face. We add and remove, nerf and buff, we do what we want, but we mostly want you to pay us for THE experience and we want more… your WG

    1. Don’t like it? Accept it or leave the game. If you can’t tolerate the LeFH, the ISU-152K or any OP tank buy them, accept you are poor or leave the game. You can’t complain for 4 pixels, you crybaby.

      1. Being poor has nothing to do with wasting money on a game that’s milking it’s playerbase without caring one bit about it’s own state. I’ve got enough money to buy every single premium in the game, but I’m not going to, it has nothing to do with being poor or rich.. that was an extremely stupid comment

      2. I should speci the LeFH… Its great to wank in tier 5 like you do on poor newbies, YEAAAAh, thats the right feeling you paid for, the only chad feelin in your life you get for money… you looser

        1. Oh please fck off!
          LeFH has been in the game for years and it has been sold for years.
          If you cannot learn to deal with ONE arty then you shouldnt even be playing this game you useless 42% cnut.

          1. I own lef
            It’s kinda op on open maps
            Two on one side is Uber

            Good angles and enough punch to one shot many Tanks or constantly cripple them.

            Something money can’t fix
            They should reduce it’s rof a bit.

            1. So i guess that, if they reduce the RoF a bit, WG will count that you can refund the money to all the players who don’t like the nerf, like what happened with the Super Pershing, true?

              You can’t complain. You said the RoF should be reduced, so you should have enough money to refund the players that they want their LeFH money back.

              If you can’t then don’t give nerfing ideas. You want nerfs to a premium tank? Have money to refund to all the owners or STFU and accept you are poor and you can’t enjoy 4 pixels.

              1. The only was I can see premium tanks being ‘nerfed’ is by buffing every other tank except the OP ones, but we can all see how long it takes to balance one or two lines in one release they’d never get around to rebalancing all of them.

      3. And here comes the window licker defending WG’s bad decisions as if he’s defending his Lady’s honor.lol

  2. I bought the Lefh on sale 50% when it was still Tier IV and for gold, I think it was 700 gold. one of my best purchases in the game. I have played all the artys in the game and this is one of the best. but above all it is the funniest one.

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