WoT Supertest: T54 Heavy Tank + KV-4 KTTS

The T54 Heavy Tank will soon be rolling up to the Supertest

This tank is equipped with a 120 mm gun that deals 450 HP of damage per shot. The penetration value of the standard shell is 240 mm, and the special HEAT shell penetrates 320 mm. It has an aiming time of 2 s, a dispersion of 0.38 m, and a reload time of 13 s.
The effective frontal armour in the hull and turret is 254 mm, and the vehicle’s durability is 1,700 HP. The tank also features –12 degrees of gun depression.
The T54 Heavy Tank is a typical representative of the U.S. heavy tanks. Solid turret armour and a good gun depression angle allow this vehicle to take advantage of rough terrain and various covers. However, due to the low manoeuvrability of these vehicles, you’ll have to take some time to consider the best routes for your tank.

This tank destroyer features reliable armour for its tier. The frontal hull armour reaches 200 mm, while the turret armour reaches 250 mm. The vehicle’s durability is 1,400 HP. It also offers a top forward speed of 35 km/h, with a specific power of 12.7 h.p./t.

The vehicle has a 107 mm gun that can cause 360 HP of damage per shot. The penetration value of the standard shell is 227 mm, and the special APCR shell penetrates 289 mm. It has an aiming time of 2.5 s, a dispersion of 0.36 m, and a reload time of 8.4 s.

The KV-4 KTTS is a well-armoured vehicle. Its rear turret placement and gun traverse angles (90 degrees) allow this vehicle to sidescrape effectively both from cover and in open areas.

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21 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: T54 Heavy Tank + KV-4 KTTS

    1. No. It’s part of the T54 series of prototypes. The Renegade is a different prototype.

      1. which T54 are you talking about? Because as far as I’m aware the US only had the one T54 series; T54 (in-game as the M54 Renegade), the T54E1 (already in the tech tree at tier 9) and the T54E2 (Renegade but with autoloader).

        None of them had this turret or 120mm gun. SO any source you have would be interesting to read, assuming it exists of course.

        1. Correction: The T54E2 is the M54 Renegade in-game while the T54 was the autoloading version

        1. «Patton: A History of the American Main Battle Tank» by R.P. Hunnicutt
          if you search T54 medium tank with google you will see lots of soviet T-54s but you will also see one of the American medium tank at the top, particularly a photo from the book posted in a blog that listed American tanks that could be added to World of Tanks

          copy this to the address bar

          http:// otm-uswot.blogspot. com/2017/10 /t54-medium.html

          1. Alright, thanks for the link. Rather then “original concept” it’s more the wooden mock-up turret, with a gun of WG’s choosing.

            Makes no sense putting a mock-up a tier higher then the next stage of development, but that’s WG for ya

              1. Naturally, since they, along with the T54E2, were part of the same T54 designs.

                T54E1 is at tier9, T54E2 is at tier 8 as the M54 Renegade.

                The T54 mated the autoloader of the E1 with the turret of the E2.

                The T54 WG is giving us at tier 9 is a pre-design woden mock-up that WG is throwing whatever the hell they want onto it, because they can. It having a 90mm gun at tier 7 and called “T54 Proto” or “T54 HTC” would make more sense then this

                1. » the T54 SHOULD have slightly different angles on its turret than the T54E2 which came after the T54 and T54E1 were ready and had its turret based on the design for the T54

                  » WG doesn’t actually need to create anything because it already existed
                  in 1953 the company that designed the T54 also designed a autoloading system for the M48 and its 90mm gun
                  in the book it is not written that a new turret had to be designed, so imagine the “German” M48A2 without the dozer but equipped with a autoloader, instead of 6.71 seconds per shot you get 4.5 seconds or lower

  1. Just looked for the KTTS stat and they are basically the same from the old times (that were already a KV-4 with some tradeoffs) meaning that a buff on this is really needed

    1. Look at it, its got good DPM, the pen is pretty sub par for tier 8 TD standards, But I think this think will fail in the same way the KV4 does; realy inneffective armour with all the gold spam nowadays

  2. T54 Heavy is really uninspired, it looks like a worse Renegade tier for tier.

    KV-4 on the other hand is interesting but outdated, it would’ve been a powerhouse back in 2014 but now anything with more than 30mm of armor gets shot at with gold, most superheavies are obsolete.

    1. 450 alpha suggests an American trait for above-average alpha for its 120mm, the same way Renegade’s 105mm deals 360 alpha instead of the standard 320 of 105mm (non-L7) guns, or Offspring’s 90mm dealing 280 alpha instead of standard 240.

      That extra alpha without going full-ham 128mm might make T54 HT interesting. Though I personally think it’s better as a high-alpha tier X MT.

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