WoT Supertest: Changes to Sand River, Malinovka and Oyster Bay Maps

Sand River:

Purpose of the edits:
1. To improve the approach way for the left team when moving uphill in square A6.
2. To make the firing positions in square К0 less “toxic.”
3. To improve the gameplay for heavy tanks on both teams in the center of the map (river bed), by protecting them from excessive fire from tank destroyers and medium tanks on the lower part of the map.

1. A safe approach way was made by adding intermediate covers and changing the terrain near the mountain and the dune to shorten the path and make it possible to return fire on enemies in square D7.
2. A shorter way to the area has been added to increase the speed of reaching the enemy who took position there.

After: Before: After:

3. The gameplay for heavy tanks in the center of the map has been revised:
a) Firing positions have been added at different distances with different terrain.
b) Positions for retreat in case of local defeat in the area have been added.
с) The central area now provides cover against fire from tank destroyers and medium tanks on the lower part of the map.

After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:

1. The position has undergone the following changes:
• The slope has been widened and made less steep.
• The ability to drive to the top of the hill (to the bushes) without being spotted from the base and TD positions has been added.
• The rock that provided cover from enemy fire has been replaced with a bigger terrain structure that ensures better protection and positions in attack.


2. The terrain of the base circle has been leveled. The farm near the base circle has been moved from the line of fire for vehicles moving downhill (from the mill) and from the forest. The number of bushes within the base circle has been reduced to one.

Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:

3. The number of bushes within the base circle has been reduced to one, similar to the upper base.

Before: After:

Oyster Bay
Battle type: Standard Battle
Map size: 1300х1300m
Setting: Pacific region
The edits based on the results of Recon Mission are meant to improve the balances, as well as improve the possibilities and gameplay comfort for medium tanks along the northwestern lane.

1. This lane now provides more cover from TD fire and more room for maneuvers, which will make the gameplay more dynamic.

Before: After: Before: After:
2. The similar position on the other side has been balanced, and the rock has been moved.

Before: After:

3. The terrain on this side of the gorge now allows players to take advantage of the gun depression angles the same way the opposing team does.

Before: After:

4. The approach way to the central lane is now exposed to fire. The way to the center is now exposed to fire from tank destroyers, the same way it can be done from the other side.

Before: After:

5 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Changes to Sand River, Malinovka and Oyster Bay Maps

  1. Map1+2 welcome changes. Cant speak for the rest.
    I like they make it a little easier to get into position and use the terraint without having to kill everyone first

  2. Malinovka needs more effort put into the C-D 6 and E-F 7 area also as they are over powered positions if someone can get there early game. other then that the changes look promising.

  3. Disclaimer, I’m hugely, hugely out of practice, almost to the point of irrelevance. So, feel free to completely disregard everything I have to say as complete bollocks; I invite you to! I guarantee you play more than I do.

    Sand River:

    I feel these changes do accomplish their stated goals.

    However, it has the feeling of treating the symptoms, not the cause.

    The reason A6 is so vulnerable for left spawn is because right spawn has a marginally shorter path and a MUCH more protected path to the vital sand dunes in the middle that overwatch the top hills.

    It’s not just that a shorter path is available; it’s also that the path is safer. There are plenty of pathings in this game that are much faster and extremely dangerous; they are avoided for pathing that is acceptable and perfectly safe.

    I feel solving point 1 could be done by slightly increasing the height and adjusting (even adding one!) some of the rocks on the left side of the middle hill overwatching the river. Bonus points if left spawn can similarly and safely fire on right spawn crossing in the same way right spawn can fire on left spawn.

    But… that may not treat the symptom as well. Just because the option is there doesn’t mean it’s taken, like the very intentional mountain bypass route on Malinovka (about B8-C9). In fact, I’ve ‘won’ games purely by informing (via my bold pressing in) my teammates that it’s not only a viable route, but a safe one, provided you make the entrance and exit quickly or while the enemy is distracted.

    So, my alternate change might not necessarily fix the problem. Changing A6 definitely will fix the problem; just at the expense of map flexibility (rigidly enforced lines of play!) and replayability (the same thing happens every game). I guess that’s purely up to WG to decide.

    K0 I have no comment. East spawn 9/0 line is safe enough without K0 being as safe as it is.

    As for the river, I don’t believe cover to the lower half of the map is necessarily required. It’s actually very often that heavies will leave the river through the south and then clean up whomever was still trying to take the south side.

    Again, it eliminates freedom and variety… but this time, I don’t see it as a drawback of the map to be corrected. I think these sets of changes are definitely uncalled for.

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