WoT ST: Semovente Controcarro Mod. 1956 Changes

A small nerf hit the 🇮🇹Italian
SMV CC-56’s stock gun. (Tier-7, 3-round autoloader) 

Changes regarding the first iteration of the supertest:
Turret 1/2,
Gun 1 (STOCK)
• AP shell penetration: from 165 to 145 mm
• AP shell penetration at 500m: from 147 to 127 mm

Source: WOT Express

5 thoughts on “WoT ST: Semovente Controcarro Mod. 1956 Changes

  1. Amazing change, clearly what this tank needed and what makes stock grinds enjoyable in general.

  2. To be honest, this was the tank I was most concerned about in the line as potentially being most OP; and this is keeping in mind that I’m interested in this branch.

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