WoT CT 1.17.1: K-91 Version II and T-26 CN Changes

K-91 Version II (USSR, Tier-9, premium)
• Module repair cost: from 8,540 to 8,860
• Track health (after repair): from 200 (150) to 240 (180)
• Track repair time: from 10.03 to 8.02
• Optics health (after repair): from 100 (50) to 110 (55)
• Turret ring mechanism health (after repair): from 140 (70) to 150 (75)

T-26 CN (China, Tier-2, premium)
• Added a detailed description of the tank:
Tier II Chinese light tank with familiar features of a vehicle from the USSR research tree. Balanced indicators of mobility and firepower provide excellent opportunities for both defense and aggressive actions. An excellent choice for those who are just getting used to World of Tanks.
• Added a short description of the tank:
Good mobility, fast-firing gun

5 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.17.1: K-91 Version II and T-26 CN Changes

  1. “Changes to T-26 CN”.
    And all they did was add a description.

    Don’t worry, you’ll play that tank for one battle with thousands of other players, before selling it for a free garage slot that you don’t need.

    1. Your opinion doesnt count because you are from China and china people opinion doesnt count as they dont ay coherent words.

  2. Those changes to K-91-II are OP stuff, clearly the tank is another example of ruski bias. /s

    1. Oh yeah, pushing track health to 180 repaired. too bad E50Fl has 190 repaired
      the ONLY “useful” thing is the 8s chain repair time. saw replay with wz120. took him FIVE seconds with crew skills. no need for a kit!

      jeez whiny whining because lack of skill

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