4 thoughts on “Tiger II “Kampfgruppe Schneide” Renders

  1. I was about to say “how many skins for tiger ii wg can release?
    but this isnt from wg. no wonder i like the deatil of it. it certainly was made with care
    the previous ones from wg were a “cheap net and a log here or there” and all looked dirty, washed out and without rhyme or reason.

    this looks very defined

    1. Yup. Easily one of the most sexy paintjobs out there. Lots of intertwined details, but not being overloaded. Loving it.

    2. This is from wargaming… Its just not being rendered in WoTs engine. Probably using blender with all the bells and whistles (Ray tracing, etc)

  2. WG (or some other external company) cant even done good lookin skin… second, its overpriced, for 13 Eur… Thats too much for 1 skin in my opinion and I have fine salary…

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