Tame the Object 780


The Object 780 is a maneuverable assault heavy tank with a powerful 130 mm cannon. It has remarkable gun handling stats for a heavy tank, including 530 HP alpha damage, an aiming time of 1.9 s, 0.35 m dispersion at 100m, and over 2,200 DPM. Combined with decent gun depression and elevation angles—especially for a Soviet tank—the Object 780 is a threat from almost any distance.


300 mm thick turret armor, small lower and upper glacis plates, and well-sloped frontal armor make it hard for opponents to crack the Object 780 head-on. Take advantage of terrain irregularities and safely fire from cover, or team up with reliable allies and hold the front line. But keep in mind that the HP pool is not very impressive, and the rate of fire is not the highest, so don’t get into duels unless you’re sure you can come out victorious.


The Object 780 has an excellent power-to-weight ratio, accelerates quickly, and can maintain its top speed. However, with a top speed of 45 km/h, it won’t win many cross-map races, so it’s better to choose one direction at the start, hold a flank, and shield your allies from light and medium tanks.


While the Object 780 seems like an intimidating beast, it’s not without its weaknesses. Whether you’re at the helm of the Soviet heavy tank or have to face it on the field, it’s good to be aware of its shortcomings.

The tank is very compact, so the internal modules are located close to one another. This makes it easy to receive critical damage. Consider spending one equipment slot on Modified Configuration.

The underplate is a good way to punish an Object 780 commander that peeks too far over a ridgeline. Hit the fuel tank located near the front of the tank, and you might even set it on fire. Conversely, if you’re looking down at an Object 780, aim for the cupola to score a penetrating shot. Try to approach enemies from the front and on relatively even terrain.


Check out the setup below to ensure the maximum performance of your tank.

Hover your cursor over the images for more information on each piece of equipment.

Try the brawler setup with Improved Hardening, Vertical Stabilizer, and Gun Rammer if you prefer a more hands-on playstyle. The boost to the HP pool will be more than welcome in close enemy encounters.

The alternative setup uses Improved Ventilation, Gun Turbocharger, and Modified Configuration to boost the strength of the vehicle. Combined with Field Modification, you can increase the DPM, reduce the aiming time, and improve gun accuracy to make the Object 780 an even better support heavy tank.

Crew Skills

The three-person crew layout means that the commander and gunner have to double as the radio operator and loader. But despite the atypical configuration, the first skills remain fairly standard with Sixth Sense, Brothers in Arms, and Repair. Use the fourth skill to boost the vehicle’s strength and balance out some of its shortcomings.


5 thoughts on “Tame the Object 780

  1. I wonder if this ruski pos will end up like Kirovets – everyone spamming it the first few days and then it completely disappears from randoms.

    1. Its going to be used for clanwars.. Watch.. Then be buffed to chieftian levels cause p2w

      1. 277 and other tank that have HEAT will go trought this on CW like butter, so its excluded for this thing to go on CW, mabye after 30-50% tier 10 nerfs, meta included

      2. I doubt this is clanwar material, it’s good but not imba OP which is the current base requirement for clans.

        That said, I don’t think I would be surprised if WG one day claims the tank “is performing beyond expectations” and we never see it again on sale, like what happened with AMBT.

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