WoT EU: Monthly Rundown: Smoking Hot Specials for a Blazing July

Upcoming Specials and Events

July 1 through July 5: Crew Is Crucial
July 4 through July 11: Independence Day Special
July 4 through August 1: Monthly Twitch Drops
July 5 through August 5: Top of the Tree
July 8 through July 12: Weekend Challenge
July 10: EU vs NA Showmatch
July 15 through July 19: Team Effort
July 22 through July 26: Choose Your Difficulty
July 29 through August 2: Wargaming’s Birthday

  • Crew Is Crucial

    From July 1 through July 5: The special that pushes tank crews to their limits. Complete all five missions to earn valuable consumables and an extra boost for the men and women inside your machines.

    Better Free XP to Crew XP Conversion

  • Independence Day Special

    From July 4 through July 11: Commemorate this American national holiday with easy missions, and get two out of three brand-new America-themed styles for FREE!

    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Styles

  • Monthly Twitch Drops

    From July 4 through August 1: Get the rewards you want through a fixed set of four Twitch Drops campaigns, with new missions every Monday and weekend missions every Friday. Earn tokens by watching official World of Tanks channels and participating streams, and customize your rewards in the Twitch Drops Store. Spend a few tokens right away for useful in-game perks, or save up for fantastic prizes, including 2D styles and Premium vehicles!

    This is your last chance to collect and trade tokens for the currently available rewards. Get what you want before the Shop resets on August 15 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

  • Top of the Tree

    From July 5 through August 5: Take advantage of two new Top of the Tree specials starting at the same time. Enjoy more vehicles, more discounts, and more rewards all month long.

    The XFV4005 Stage II spearheads a line of Her Majesty’s deadliest weapons: British tank destroyers.

    Encounter some of the most unique medium tanks in the game on your way to the Swedish XUDES 15/16 .

  • Weekend Challenge

    From July 8 through July 12: Complete three easy weekend missions to earn improved consumables that will aid you in your toughest battles.

    Improved Consumables

  • EU vs NA Showmatch

    On July 10: Tune in live on Twitch and witness an epic clash between Europe’s finest and North America’s best. Find out which team will take the crown, and earn Twitch Drops while you watch!

  • Team Effort

    From July 15 through July 19: Team up with fellow commanders from your friends list, get your clan back together, or use the team search and roll out as a well-coordinated Platoon to earn valuable Personal Reserves!

    Boost Your Experience

  • Choose Your Difficulty

    From July 22 through July 26: Go for an easy walk in the park, or put an extra set of weights on the barbell. This classic special lets you choose how much to put in and get out.

    Multiply Your XP

  • Wargaming’s Birthday

    From July 29 through August 2: Celebrate the 12th anniversary of your favorite tank game with discounts, missions, and other birthday surprises!

    x5 XP for Every First Win

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