Supertest: Vehicle Rebalancing

We are resuming the rebalance and sending the first vehicle batch to the Supertest with all different tiers and types.

We are working on the game and vehicles balance constantly, and now we want to show you the next changes. In the coming days, we will start testing a large batch of vehicles, which will be divided into groups. Some vehicles will be grouped according to their branches and tiers, while others will not be a part of any group, but will still require some updates to their characteristics.

Make sure you use our Community Feedback Form to send us additional feedback on those changes.

After the Supertest, the vehicles with revamped technical characteristics will be released as part of a future update in late August or early September. The first batch of vehicles will feature two Tier X vehicles: the Kranvagn and the AMX M4 mle. 54. You’ve long been asking us to take a fresh look at the effectiveness of these two vehicles and rebalance their characteristics. The rest of the vehicles from the list will also be tested in subsequent iterations. So, keep an eye on our Supertest news!


 The list of vehicles for rebalancing and their settings on the Supertest are subject to change. We may send certain vehicles for testing and remove others.

List of Vehicles
·Tier X Kranvagn
·Tier IX Emil II

·Tier X AMX M4 mle. 54
·Tier IX AMX M4 mle. 51
·Tier VIII AMX 65 t
·Tier VII AMX M4 mle. 45
·Tier IX M103
·Tier VIII T32
·Tier VI M6
·Tier V T1 Heavy Tank
·Tier IV T6 Medium
·Tier III M3 Stuart
. Tier VI M44
·Tier VIII Czechoslovakian TVP VTU medium tank
·Tier VIII French AMX AC mle. 48 tank destroyer
·Tier VII French AMX AC mle. 46 tank destroyer
·Tier VI KV-1S
·Tier VI M4A3E8 Sherman
·Tier VI Type 58
·Tier VI Škoda T 25
·Tier VI Polish B.U.G.I.
·Tier VII Polish CS-44
·Tier V BDR G1 B
·Tier V American T67
·Tier IV American T40
·Tier IV Chinese SU-76G FT
·Tier IV Soviet SU-85

We begin with the Swedish High Tier Heavy Tanks.

The Kranvagn and Emil II are the dominant heavy tanks in their tiers. They offer very high battle performance, which explains why the “Swedes” are very popular in Random and Ranked Battles. In terms of their characteristics, both vehicles are slightly superior to their same-tier heavy tanks, meaning that they can turn into formidable opponents when placed in the right hands. We want to reduce the efficiency of the Kranvagn and Emil II in several ways.

Let’s start with Kranvagn.

We will limit the vehicle’s mobility, with the forward speed reduced from 60 to 45 km/h, and the reverse speed reduced from 18 to 12 km/h. Shooting comfort will also be reduced. To do this, we will increase the dispersion at 100 m from 0.36 to 0.4 m, and the dispersion during turret rotation from 0.1 to 0.18 m. The amount of damage caused will also decrease, with the magazine reload time increasing from 21.5 to 25 s. This will reduce the damage per minute from 2,933 to 2,596 HP/min.

Let’s move on to the Emil II.

In terms of performance, this vehicle does not stand out as much as its older counterpart. However, to keep our changes consistent, we will also reduce its forward and backward speed to 40 and 12 km/h, respectively. As a result, the Kranvagn and Emil II will become approximately the same in terms of movement speed. We will also reduce the firepower of one of its guns (12 cm akan L/40) by increasing its dispersion at 100 m from 0.38 to 0.42 m, dispersion on turret traverse from 0.12 to 0.18 m, and magazine reloading time from 25 s to 30 s. Damage per minute will be decreased from 2,554 to 2,200 HP/min.

During the Supertest, we will thoroughly test the new characteristics of both Swedish vehicles, evaluate their final performance, and make adjustments where necessary.

Next in line, the French Cyclic Heavy Tanks.

Since their introduction in the game, French cyclic heavy tanks have faced slightly insufficient performance in Random Battles. Among them, only the AMX M4 mle. 51 stood out and could compete on equal footing with same-tier heavy tanks. Over time, the popularity of this branch decreased even more. This is why we’ve decided to significantly revamp the characteristics of these vehicles.
Let’s start with the changes to the top vehicle: the AMX M4 mle. 54.
This vehicle is undergoing a comprehensive rebalance that will improve the firepower of its two guns and increase its survivability in battles.
We will reduce the gun reloading time to make the vehicle’s firepower match that of other vehicles. In addition, the 120 mm gun will have more penetration with the standard shell, while the 130 mm gun will have increased penetration with the special shell. A number of other technical characteristics will also be improved.
The survivability of the AMX M4 mle. 54 did not suit the intended role of the tank. In order for players to realize the full potential of the vehicle and feel more confident in close combat, we will increase:
·Side armour thickness from 60 to 85 mm
·Hit points from 2,200 to 2,400 HP
At the same time, the hull traverse speed will decrease from 32 to 28 degrees per second, and dispersion during movement and on hull traverse will decrease from 0.18 to 0.12 m.
The predecessor of the Tier X vehicle, the AMX M4 mle. 51, performs well at its current performance level. However, to make it a little more comfortable, we will reduce the dispersion during movement and hull traverse of the standard suspension.
The Tier VIII vehicle, the AMX 65 t, will receive improvements to its 120 mm gun dispersion. Additionally, we will slightly increase the vehicle’s durability (up to 1,600 HP) and improve its crossing capacity.
The main issue with Tier VII vehicles in the French branch (AMX M4 mle. 45) is their low survivability. To improve this, we will increase both the frontal turret armour and hit points.
What’s Next

 American main branch heavy tanks

American heavy tanks from the main research branch will be sent to the Supertest in the next iteration. We will reveal more detailed technical characteristics at a later date, before we start testing. In particular, we will focus on medium-tier vehicles, with changes aimed at balancing their performance.
 The list of vehicles whose technical characteristics will be reviewed:
•Tier IX M103
•Tier VIII T32
•Tier VII T29
•Tier VI M6
•Tier V T1 Heavy Tank
•Tier IV T6 Medium
•Tier III M3 Stuart
•Tier VI M44
No rebalance is planned for the T110E5. Following the recent changes to its technical characteristics, this vehicle is currently competitive in Random Battles. On the other hand, the T29 is traditionally overperforming, which affects other vehicles within this battle tier. We will reduce the characteristics of this vehicle to match the parameters of other vehicles in the branch.
The M44 must also be mentioned. This is a rather effective vehicle for Tier VI, so it is very popular. To reduce its influence on other vehicles in battles, we will reduce its characteristics as well.

Changes to individual vehicles

We will also adjust the technical characteristics of several other vehicles. Although these vehicles cannot be grouped according to common characteristics, they all require an update depending on whether they perform beyond the scope of their tier.
Improved characteristics
·Tier VI Soviet KV-1S HT
·Tier VI American M4A3E8 Sherman MT
·Tier VI Chinese Type 58 MT
·Tier VIII Czech Republic TVP VTU MT
·Tier VIII French AMX AC mle. 48 TD
·Tier VII French AMX AC mle. 46 TD
Decreased characteristics
·Tier VI Czechoslovakian Škoda T 25 MT
·Tier VI Polish B.U.G.I. MT
·Tier VII Polish CS-44 MT
·Tier V French BDR G1 B HT
·Tier V American T67 TD
·Tier IV American T40 TD
·Tier IV Chinese SU-76G FT TD
·Tier IV Soviet SU-85B TD
These vehicles will be sent to the Supertest gradually, and their technical characteristics may change. Once testing has ended, we will share the final list of vehicles that will be added to the version, as well as their technical characteristics.

We reworked our Community Feedback Form so that you can send us additional feedback on the changes and let us know if we’re taking the right direction.

Share your feedback using the Community Feedback Form or in the comments below.

Take care Commanders!

29 thoughts on “Supertest: Vehicle Rebalancing

  1. God forbid they buff anything German! Like all of the failturd tier 8 prems (except Löwe) for example. And god forbid to nerf all of these overbuffed propaganda russians, like 277, 260, 279, 257, 268v4 etc.

    1. Agreed. I especially want the E 75 TS buffed, but not by much. Some slight improvements to its accuracy, aim time, gun handling, and RoF would be perfect.

      1. I’ve wanted a Jagd88 buff for years, but since none seem to come, I’m happy to stay away from WoT

          1. I mean an actual, meaningful buff The main selling point should be a gun that has crazy DPM and can hit weak spots

            But 212 base pen on a slow moving bunker, that everyone can pen with current gold spam and that lacks any way to deal with nowadays meta, is not enough

            Needs more AP pen 212 is not nearly enough for it

  2. First nerf tier 6 artas… been playin after long time tier 6 and its sometimes pure cancerino to play against 3 of them… M44 nerfs are welcome…
    Second AMX changes – whatever… its a bulky trash platform…
    Kran and Emil changes – you make the line unpleasant to play with it… these nerfs are too much, I know its supertest, but anyway… Players without reward tanks also need some competent, better then others tier 10 tanks… Give them some weakspots, or bigger cupola, and it would be just OK!

    1. I need the M44 to do teh First Campaign missions for the StuG IV, T28 HTC, T-55A and Object 260. If WG nerfs the M44 i will make you responsible and i swear i will steal 400€ from your bank account as a compensation.

      So pray a lot to make Wg buff the M44 instead.

      1. Yeah, somehow you are right, I also did a lot of missions with M44, for me as a veteran with everythin in the game its simple to say nerf it, but for you as a new player its another story. Anyway, good luck with mission:)

  3. Nice changes. Kinda sad the Kran may get nerfed, but yea, that tonk is too strong.

    Also +10 or +20mm front Armor for the AMX M4 54 would be great. But however good changes. The AMX M4 54 is my most favourite tank, just because it looks so brutal c:

  4. kran nerf has been long overdue, i think those suggested numbers are too much though.
    if they nerf speed, dpm, accuracy and gunhandling all together the tank might become too weak
    amx needs every buff it can get, its trash in its current state
    the changes to the tier 9 amx would effectively be a buff which is strange because that tank is actually very good

    1. Yes about the IJA heavies.
      And the mid-tier IJA mediums could use a buff too.

      And holy **** they’re finally buffing the TVP VTU?

      Damn, no shell count buffs yet for the Turán?

  5. I’m currently on wot break, but i’m so happy that M44 will be rebalanced again. That is music to my ears.😆

  6. I’m a tiny bit sad to see Skoda T-25 and SU-85B nerfed, both have been fun vehicles to occasionally take on a drive but that said, the nerfs are completely justified. Also bring out the party hats for T67 and M44 nerfs, way overdue.

    Kranvagn and T29 nerfs are well justified, but I feel they’re hammering Kranvagn too hard. The speed nerfs are absolutely fine as is the clip reload nerf. I don’t see the need for accuracy nerf though and the dispersion nerf could probably be cut to half. I’d look at how the tank performs with those changes and then adjust as/if necessary.

    Depending on what gets changed on the AC48, that could become a keeper. The stock grind is horrifyingly brutal, but in the elite configuration it is already an interesting tank (Though UP) with the autoloader.

    1. Particularly since the Skoda T25 doesn’t seem to be overperforming at all. It’s above average among Tier VI mediums but hardly overpowered. The VK30.01D, Cromwell, P.43 bis, M4A3E2 and BUGI are all doing better than it. And of those only the BUGI is on the nerf list with the Skoda.

      1. I suspect that the performance curve of the Skoda indicates significant overperformance on part of skilled players whereas average and below average players who make up the majority of the player perform relatively worse in it which leaves an unassuming global average. There are many specific strengths that the Skoda has that a very good player can leverage quite dominantly, chief among them the gun. With that suspicion, I remain hopeful that the nerf will be relatively tame and not rob T25 of it’s nature. something like 20-25mm off the premium round penetration and 0,5s to the interclip or alternatively a moderate nerf to the mag reload.

  7. Sad for T29 but it had to happen at some point. I hope they won’t fuck T32 up though.

    Swedish heavies getting the hammer is good, but they need a further nerf to the clip reload.

    French heavies getting buffs… well, not BDR which is being nerfed which is a shame (the gun is the only good thing that tank has), and the 65t is still paper vs almost any same tier shell so not really a buff, but the M4 54 buffs are interesting. The 120mm getting a nerf to standard shell velocity however makes no sense at all.

    Still, this is a welcome surprise, hopefully there will be more of these supertest batches in the near future.

    1. Really, you think this sledgehammer nerf to the Kranvagn and Emil II won’t be enough?

      1. Emil is probably enough, but Kranvagn is not. A clip reload of 25 seconds stock is still too good, and remember that while both tanks lose in mobility and gun handling, their strongest asset – the turret armor + gun depression – remains untouched.

    2. “Идите нахуй разрабы”one russian streamer on wot. Dont nerf the kranvagn, or at least don’t touch dpm and gun handling.

  8. This all just seems like a push to nerf non premium tanks so you will be forced to buy prem in order to compete. E25, Skorps, ELC Even, Progetto 46 … the list goes on of premium tanks that are overpowered but they cant nerf them.

  9. I think the future characteristics should be worse than what it ia for kran. Kran will still outperform because of no cupola. When you can kill hull down monster, whatever the tanks characteristics are be it nerfing or buffing dpesnt affect the outcome. i will sit hull down and still shoot at other cupolas.

    1. If the Kranvagn gets an armor nerf so it can no longer go hulldown, on top of these mobility and gun nerfs…what would it have left? It’d just become a worse version of the AMX 50B.

  10. AMX M4 54 needs a gun mantlet buff, the mantlet armor right now against AP ranges from 278mm to 306mm max, also theres 0 armor behind it, so HEAT can also pen it, if you have anything with over 300mm of pen, there’s almost a 50/50 chance you can pen it.
    In wot console they buffed it’s side armor to 120mm and the hull cheeks to 220mm lol.

    Upper Side: 60mm -> 100mm
    Lower Side: 60mm -> 120mm
    Front corner panels: 150mm -> 220mm

  11. -Good deserved buff to the AMX-M4 54. It will have a super competitive 130mm now that dpm with that alpha could be dangerous
    -At some point i get why the kran get nerfed

    Still waiting for a real REWORK of EBRs cancer mechanics

  12. M44 nerfed ? Arty already been fucked over with HE changes.
    T67 who plays that and those t4 TDs .. lmao about 5 years too late for these nerfs
    And no German buffs well 🖕🏼

  13. Krav nerf- about time, ranked was full of bots in Krav
    AMX series – mostly X and VIII needs to be buffed
    USA HT line im not sure
    T25 – as said it has a huge skill gap, good players perform much well with it than average players
    if Foch line will be buffed why not Foch 155, its damage output and armor are nerfed to sh!t, needs smaller weakpoint or more HP, gun needs faster intraclip or faster drum reload

  14. The only problem with the kran is no weak spots in Turret that can be hit reliably or even semi reliably.

    There is a very small cupola that is an absolute pixel shot.

    Everything else about is is fine, the only problem when facing it is the turret.

    This is the only reason for the kranfestation in Ranked.

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