WoT: Obj. 430U 3D Style Compensation

Recently a decal got removed from the Obj. 430U’s „Kelevra” Style
The “V” Symbol is no longer on the side of its turret.
In compensation WG sent an email to everyone who owned this Style which contains a bonus code that gives 500gold. So don’t forget to check your emails.

If you do not receive the code in the next few days, and you have this 3D style, it is worth contacting the support.

24 thoughts on “WoT: Obj. 430U 3D Style Compensation

  1. You should see fag-g-o-rushn forums and wotexpress – how subjects there are crying over the symbol removal and say that thay can’t express their support of terror through it. Jeeze – how did they degrade so much? 🙁

    1. If I were in charge of WG’s balancing department, I’d nerf every single Russian tank to oblivion just to piss them off more.

    2. As EVERYONE IN EUROPE (*joke on behalf of that other guy below) i am soooo super offended!

      Ah wait no. I don’t care much.
      The moment l/some were made aware what that even is it’s gone and i am rather cool with it. It’s no loss and had little business being there to begin with…

      It’s forgotten within a day as it should be.
      Who ever cries has issues bigger than a stupid V

      In fact, it’s probably the only V they ever had ;))

  2. they should refound any modification to any premium tank or 3d style or any sold items on their market in case they’ve produced modification that alter the product after buying
    But EULA dosen’t agree with EUROPE’s selling/buying laws and customers stay at their “mercy” for this kinda of stuff
    thats why i do not recomand to buy anything from them if you care about your price/quality like u do on your phones for example samsung[ tryple AAA game] vs ihunt[ Wargaming premium tank] same price

    1. No refunds.

      WG should make clear rules for rebalancing vehicles (including premiums).
      OP tanks must be nerfed, so everyone can enjoy the game again.

      1. Customers can be the worst assholes on the planet if you’re into any sort of retail business. Even if a premium tank badly needs nerfs WG won’t do it because if they do the kids will come screeching that their OP toys have been ruined and they won’t be able to farm WN8 as they are used to.

  3. I see that a lot of european players think that it is OK for ruscists to ride in-game with a symbol, that their terrorists use in the invasion. If you think that it’s OK to own modern day swastika as a decal in WoT or even show it to other players – then you have lost your soul and are no better than ruscists. This is not about changes done to a style – this is about doing a right thing (no one will touch other styles in their right mind – this is the only exception and it is done for a moral reason). I have lost my home in Kharkiv because of those liberating @-holes – my neighbours with their 5 y.o. daughter died during a building collapse after the rocket hit. And I am just one out of thousand people who suffered from ruscists. For me, seeing their symbol in-game on a soviet tank is just really dark trolling.. And ruscists did that on EU server a lot – saying stuff like “death to ukrainian nazis” or other bullcr@p in the team chat. This was not humane and WG made a right decision for once.

    1. Thanks for speaking for all of Europe!!
      Please… Link the poll where you somehow managed to ask EVERYONE for their opinion. I would love to see the data.

      I think your “country” is the totalitarian side of things eh?
      Jumping the gun by assuming whatever you see fit. Totally not insulting everyone for your narrative.

      Obvious politics aside.
      How about a shot of ockham’s razor?

      Is everyone a historical teacher specialized in Russian history? No?

      It’s a V’ looking like a V’? Yes!

      Does, in most cases a single V’ (like you do with hands ✌️) stand for VICTORY? Yes!
      **(even spelling victory suggests that v smile if you use a phone… don’t you have phones?)

      Now that all of NON historical Professor Europe plays some stupid game with a Generic V on One tank of Some obscure skin…
      Is it fair to assume

      Is the more likely answer You talk bullshit and Nobody gives a damn BECAUSE they, if ever, thought it’s just a generic V(ictory) symbol?

      Well, professor… ready to start the hyperdrive? 🙂

  4. Problem is not the simbol
    problem is that that skin is a 3D skin, a PAID premium product that was later modified by them in their self interest
    what if next, they will nerf all premium tanks just because of political reasons
    real question is, do you realy care what happens with your PAID premium products if they are beeing EDITED[nerfed] for the company’s public concerns ?

    1. Someone is a bit special eh?
      So because obj drives 40 = it’s a sign for oppression?

      Yep. Checks out. Very Special.

      I am sure you wg removed the howl Russian tree next. Just so you can be more hysterical.

      In fact they already secured the rights for hello kitty…
      World of Hello Kitty.
      The game will be rebranded.
      Tanks removed.
      And replaced with kid friendly content

      Remember to spread the word!

  5. Losing a decal now tied to terrorism and ethnic cleansing in exchange for 500 gold, good trade.

    Now if only they banned all ruski vermin IPs from every server that is not RU it’d be worth celebrating.

    Russia, go f*ck yourself.

  6. One visual item I never really cared about removed in exchange for 500 gold? B*tch you got yourself a deal! 😀

  7. ah the classical symbol whining again … funny how television can use it but if you put it into a game people flip their tables and buy a rocket launcher … even funnier how people want to play the nation behind the symbol but they cant accept the symbol itself … idiotism.

  8. Wow, people so low and have nothing better in their life that they complain over a letter V being removed from a virtual tank in a video game… maybe you should walk out of your mothers basement more….

  9. Why stop there? remove all the skull emblems too- SS had them on their collars and they are offensive……… Remove all the Union Jack flags/emblems-they remind me of an oppressive colonial power that conquered and pillaged all over the planet…… since you are at it-take away all the stars and striped BS too-it symbolizes the slaughter and eradication of Native Americans and its offensive to the whole world…..there is no end to it

  10. How did one get that skin to begin with again?
    Was it from the new year gambling boxes?

  11. It is the z symbol not the v that is begging used in the Russian war of Ukraine annihilation

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