WoT – Trial Has Been Ended Against The Creator Of “CyberTank” (bot program mod)

Over several years, Andrey Kirsanov sold thousands of packages with bots and cheat programs on his website (Cybertank/Cybership) for WoT and WoWS.

Andrey Kirsanov, a native of Yekaterinburg became the first in Russia accused of committing a cybercrime in the gaming industry and pleaded guilty. The maximum sentence that threatens the defendant is five years in prison. because of selling cheats for a computer game, TASS is now reporting from the Verkh-Isetsky District Court of the city.

Earlier, by decision of the Cheryomushki Court of Moscow, the case against Kirsanov was referred to the Verkh-Isetsky District Court of Yekaterinburg for jurisdiction.

📄“I admit,” – Kirsanov said, answering the judge’s question whether he admits guilt.

Witnesses in the case did not attend the hearing. Their testimony was read out by the public prosecutor.
As it turned out, Kirsanov was caught through the “test purchase” search event. The detective purchased the cheat, and then received download links.

📄“Through Qiwi a subscription for 1,500 battles was purchased. The cheat appeared on the site in the “my keys” section,” the testimony of the detective department “K” says.

A criminal case was initiated against Kirsanov under Part 2 of Art. 273 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Creation and distribution of malicious computer programs”).
He is accused of creating a website selling malware for World of Tanks and World of Warships games. Both types of these services were sold on Kirsanov’s website. Prices ranged from 25 to 2125 Russian rubles for a software package (from 50 cents to $40). The investigation estimated the damage to Wargaming at 670 million Russian rubles ($12.5 million).

Source: WOT Express

8 thoughts on “WoT – Trial Has Been Ended Against The Creator Of “CyberTank” (bot program mod)

  1. For a game that is this old
    its kinda late to do what they did
    now they should implement an anti-cheat program within their games to prevent this from happening again

    1. They have by design. Programs that adjust aim, show hidden opponents, change reload timing , speed, etc. do not work with WoT in principle – all is server-side You can’t protect agaunst external software\hardware that replaces user , because you can’t protect from user

  2. 670 million Russian rubles!!!!!!!!
    oh right, ruble sucks. 12.5million?
    That’s what wg earns on a lazy sale

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