WoT CT 1.17.1: Retraining Order

A new item has appeared on the Common Test, for the first time in the game, you’ll be able to reset crew skills for free using the new reward, Retraining Orders. These new items will be distributed across the Frontline tier progression and allow you to experiment more freely with your crews, adjusting them to suit your playstyle for each vehicle.

22 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.17.1: Retraining Order

  1. Not counting Fartline, it’ll probably be a Battle Farce reward or a rare drop from daily challenges, same as the demounting kits for equipment.

    1. False. WG never takes a step towards less pay to win. They have taken several steps that they hope will like such, but they never end up actually improving free to play life

  2. I think players who gets Ace Tankers should be given Retraining orders free. So that will make less pay 2 win and will motivate player till last breadth to play good.

    1. Doesn’t work like that. You can only play good if you have skill. Which 80% do not have.
      No amount of motivation will make players play good with no skill

    2. Useless shit! Retrain the crew for 20,000 credits / crew! Activate 1 hour 200% crew booster and 1 hour 50% more battle xp! After 1 hour of playing, you will be 100% crew in a premium tank, but even in a regular tank!

      It’s another honey string to have a reason to force people to labor camp to get such bullshit!

        1. Sitting in a Tier 7 IS heavy tank deals 1000 damage in a winning battle. Premium account + 50% battle xp bonus and you get 2000 xp in one battle. About 18 winning battles. Or max 27 battles 50% winrate!

          This feature is made for lazy people! The next innovation will be an autopilot feature with automatic targeting and automatic firing. So you just have to lie in bed and eat the chips! The more brain dead you need to integrate into the game!

  3. well, that may work for retraining the crew to a new tank. but it is w WHOLE different story if you want to change the skill distribution. then you loose 20% of your overall (!!) XP, if you only spend creds. just do the math how many matches this means for a even a 4 skill crew …

    for that, I salute the idea. nice addition!

    1. Usually if you put a crew in the tank it’s all the way in until you get to tier 10! If you’re retraining the crew you got to tier 10, why did you develop a tier 10 tank? If you develop a new tank line, you will have a new crew! If you want to save money by doing everything with 1 crew, you will have to train a crew in the acquired tier 10 tanks first or later. At Tier 10, a good crew starts at 4 skills! Incomprehensible. It is not possible to play everything with a crew without retraining!

      This is a typical WG development, we’re doing something that looks new but doesn’t make much sense. This game is only developed for lazy people without brains! We are amazed that so many 4,000 rating brain dead are playing over tier 8!

      There is no outdated premium tank balance. New permanent game mode! New crew skill feature for individual light – medium – heavy – TD – arty crew. New sound effects! New explosion and penetration effect! Deforming armor! New premium tank features! New collection tank can be purchased for credit! Only the brain dead random!

  4. I can tolerate gameplay for recovery after credit retraining. It takes time to proceed for Moe. A day or two.

    The fortune thing is that we don’t lose our skills xp in credit retraining. If the skill xp disappeared… We wouldn’t have had a choice to using credit. I’m afraid just imagining it.

    1. Of course, this is the case for “tank” retraining, and skill resets should always be gold. Time wasted for 34 skill crew is really Crucial. So this update is basically what the wg sometimes gives us 200 gold pieces.

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