3 thoughts on “WoT Console – NEW! Orochi O-Ni: Get In on Multi-Turret Gameplay

  1. It looks like a double barrel system in pc wot. By the way, the 3D style is really cool.

  2. I don’t really see the point of having functional miniboobs on the O-Ni.
    The guns are only 47mm Tank Gun Type 1’s with an average pen of 81mm or so. Even if its using the gold shell, that gets upped to only 122mm pen, which is rather low for a tier 7.
    Meaning, that unless you aim carefully, you might still bounce off same-tier light tanks.

    As for the style: just leave some barrels of sake out and it’ll defeat itself.

    1. Look on the bright side; maybe now they can get the T-35 and the rest of the soviet multi-turrets, or even the main guns on the B1’s. Meanwhile pc wot gets nothing because the devs are too busy adding made up tanks instead of long-requested mechanics.

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