Upcoming “Outpost” Map In Patch 1.18

The Outpost map, which first saw the light of day for all players in Recon Missions 2021, is going to be released in the September update (1.18).

The visual of the map has been greatly reworked, and the gameplay as a whole has remained recognizable since the tests of 2021.

• Size: 1000×1000
• Battle mode: Standard battle only
• Map type: Summer
• There is no map description yet.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming “Outpost” Map In Patch 1.18

  1. Oh great, the awful map with the mines level rush mid or lose, the bottom flank insanely exposed and north being the one usable flank. Good to know Recon doesn’t improve maps at all.

    1. Ti be fair, they kind of nerfed the hill, putted more cover to connect the bottom flank with the spawns and improved the lake in general… Still not my fav map.. but is definetly better thatn the first version.

    2. in mines even hill did not win the match if people know how to counter it.
      In this map with bigger parts to flank and use lights and meds hill will be useless

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