skill4ltu Checks The Statistics Of Supertesters (EU vs RU)

The video thumbnail is very clickbaity, so watch it until the end to see the actual results.

9 thoughts on “skill4ltu Checks The Statistics Of Supertesters (EU vs RU)

  1. Useless video
    He plays a bit and then scrolls a tanklist for 40% … and clicks on ONE other profile where you see the pass

    “watch till the end! it will surprise you!”
    ye thats clickbait for clickbait i say.

  2. Everybody cant be like that UNEMPLOYED, NOLIFE, NOFAMILY, NOFRIENDS pathetic gamer FUCK!!!

    1. These comments make no sense. As long as they’re not breaking the law, let people do what they want ffs.

  3. Haha what not a surprise that Russian super testers are 43% useless cnuts.
    The same as all Russian players are 40% useless cnuts anyway.
    Now wg delete them from eu 😅 good!

  4. To be honest, tanks need to be tested by players of all skill levels, including terrible ones.

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