WoT Assembly Shop: Object 780 Selling Time

Selling out times for the vehicle and style set are as follows:
ASIA (5,000 units): ~6 hours
RU (40,000 units): 33 minutes
EU (15,000 units): 23 minutes

NA (20,000 units): as of 10:46 AM Eastern the 3D skin version sold out. ~ 4 hours 45 minutes – had more than 10k standard units 6 hours ago.
RU: all 120,000 units sold out within the first 13.5 hours.

16 thoughts on “WoT Assembly Shop: Object 780 Selling Time

    1. Yea no reason to pay that ammount of resources.
      The tank is not bad but is not super OP like WG try to sell it in the video.
      At least is not Op thats a good thing after all.
      I dont like playing heavies so no reason to me to waste all the resources

  1. Wot players when they see something that costs like $400 be like “I need it, NOW” and then proceed to realize the stupid mistake they made and cry about it and bitch about wg.

    God I love the people who play wot

  2. It was awesome to login an see they were all gone so quickly an now to look at that emblem on my screen for nearly a month of reminding me what I had no chance of ever getting. thanks wargaming just another kick in the d–k like when you realise these codes you release and they are all gone in hours. keep up the good work wargaming staff. (sarcasm)

    1. Dw m8, these things aren’t as OP as they keep saying

      I considered getting one early on, but then gave up – I could easily get three fully equipped GOOD tier 10s for the same price, even without any discounts on those lines. I suggest you do the same – get yourself a nice IS-7 or SConq, 430U or Kran, depending on your preferences, then proceed to shit straight on top of those Obj turrets. Point and laugh at them for the full experience ;3

      Gl hf

  3. The 277 is a better t10 tank why spend all currency for a shit tanks πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  4. Know what is funnier?

    In the Russian Forum a Senior Officer stated that ONLY IN THE RU SERVER the tank is assembled permanently. On EU, NA and ASIA, the Object 780 tanks that people assembled (both with and without serial numbers) are only a 6-month RENTAL. Later they will give the opportunity to keep it permanently for 80€ minimum on EU and 90$ on NA. On ASIA it will be unlocked through a Marathon.

    So sorry for all the EU people who wasted tons of gold and bonds for a 6-months rental worse Object 277 πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    1. Where, in any of the promotional material, did it say it was for rental?

      Sounds like you have fallen for more Russkie BS.

    2. Provide a link that confirms what you just said, otherwise you’re nothing more than a cheap troll.

      Also, WG has to be suicidal to cook up something like this. Though after hearing Diablo Immortal requires up to 100 grand to max out the player character (in a cellphone game at that) I’m not sure I would be too surprised.

  5. Haha, poor 4k-ers keep saying the 780 is a worse 277 but I’m dumping out 4k DPG now after mastering all of its strengths and weaknesses.
    Of course this tank is not OP and it is hard to play, but it does feel very rewarded and satisfied when you do well.
    Because you know when you do well in this tank, it’s mainly because of your skills not the tank itself, unlike something like the Chieftain or 279e.

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