7 thoughts on “WZ-114 Available on EU

      1. Because WZ-114 belongs to the game as it was 6-7 years ago, it’s basically a T34 in terms of stats and gameplay (only real exception is the healthpool). These days at high tiers if a heavy does not go 45-50km/h it’s underpowered and will always be late at the heavy brawling zones, and losing initiative loses battles.

  1. Supposedly the Chieftain Prototype marathon should begin in July, so better save the $$$ for that one.

    1. That tank is nothing extra aswell xD, but I love WZ 114, tank requires patience and quite lot of skill but once u learn how to play it its a beast

  2. Do not spend money on the WZ 114 unless the gun handling and dpm get major buffs. I got mine free and have a decent wr on it, I even play it often for the bonds but no, just no. Not worth real money at all.

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