WoT – Trial Has Started Against The Creator Of “CyberTank” (bot program mod)

In Yekaterinburg, a trial has started in the case of fraud in the World of Tanks game.

According to investigators, Andrey Kirsanov was engaged in the implementation of malicious programs (bots: CyberTank/CyberShip) that helped World of Tanks players earn various game resources automatically. As a result, players received advantages over other users. The damage to the developer company Wargaming could amount to 670 million rubles ($9 million).

The Verkh-Isetsky District Court of Yekaterinburg has begun to consider the criminal case of the programmer Andrey Kirsanov. He is charged with the distribution of malicious software (Article 273 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

According to the GAS “Pravosudie”, the meeting was adjourned. The next one is scheduled for June 28, 2022. “The meeting was held on June 9. At the request of the representative of the victim, we switched to the general procedure for considering the case, ”the RIA press service said.

Initially, the criminal case was supposed to be considered by the Cheryomushkinsky District Court of Moscow (December 2021), but he sent the materials to Yekaterinburg, where the crime was committed. The Verkh-Isetsky District Court received the case in early May.

13 thoughts on “WoT – Trial Has Started Against The Creator Of “CyberTank” (bot program mod)

  1. So, this is the mode of creating a bot that follows me around and rotates the turret. I didn’t know the name of the program before.

  2. 670 million rubles ($9 million)

    Is this an effect of the sanctions, or was the ruble always this weak?

    1. Bro google.
      It fell 3 times and is artificially held alive ATM

      As for the botter
      Tie em to a tree.
      Some animal will help him out eventually….

  3. This is for all the retards out there claiming you can’t cheat in WoT.

    But more importantly, when is the trial EU vs. Wargamming, for illegal modification of products without consent from paying clients, for rigging the game, for the gambling mechanics and so on?

    Oh, that’s right, the EU is completely useless about issues of the average paying idiot like me.

    1. The whole videogame industry should be brought to court, WG is just a tiny fish among sharks like Activision, EA and so on so they’re low priority.

      Also, those who claim “you can’t cheat in WoT” are most likely cheaters themselves, or they’re ignorant and think illegal mods have zero impact on a match.

    2. You cannot cheat in the sense that you can directly influence your movement or spot tanks that the server has not allowed you to. But I understand that your use of ‘cheating’ refers to not putting in the effort.

  4. This is why wg will be an export.
    When Russian cnuts like this mass produce bots and cheats.
    It’s accepted and usual in China but they are normal.

  5. Siralexcise, its mods, within a sever side client they do little.

    This mod is the one that allows any player to play like you do, IE to play like an AFK bot contributing nothing with a 300 WN8 average.

    Funny enough in 10 years of players creating cheat mods no player ever improved their stats in a meaningful way.

    Hell one of the EU’s cheat mod site creators regularily boast in chat that his mods dont get detected and states he used it for 7 years, yet he himself is 53% win rate and most of his victims below 50%.

    So far the biggest benefit of cheats is that they allow small nobody players who suck at the game to have something to blame.

    I play mod free, since closed beta, i cannot had on heart say within 10 years of replays that I can point out a cheating player. I was once 60% win rate, now play with a disabled right hand, and still stay around 55% with no mods or cheats.

    So I will continue to believe WG make an effort to stop cheats and punish users of illegal mods, and that such users have little impact in my games.

    The biggest problem is simply the amount of unskilled players who make no effort, if your 47% with a low WN8 then your no better than the guys who used this cheat mod.

    Its the influx and growth of the sub 47% make no effort but want carried entitled cry baby no skill bot ultra noob waaa waa game is rigged make all excuses players thats the real problem.

  6. Bob the guff master what a delight you are! Do you have a life away from the game? Doesn’t sound like it. For many players they made the mistake of thinking the German tanks which historically had no rivals were the best. Personally speaking I subscribe to this and made a point of just throwing thanks into games given the random games didn’t seem to have any direction despite how good it bad you played it was down to whatever team you for lumped with. So throwing thanks in and getting wins was more important than learning tanks you would never play again. Consequently basic skills that should have been learnt at lower tiers were off course not and win rating will never majorly improve as there are way too many games thrown in the pursuit of random wins and higher tier tanks.

    Now it’s a base of play and enjoy it for what it is. Playing devils advocate there are way too many fanboys that f don’t have a life and write starts all the time. It is a game. You may not like that statement but it isn’t going to stop me from playing by trolling me in game and being abusive. Quite the opposite it makes me even more resolute that it’s a game I enjoy playing and the attitude is if you have a problem go play something else where you can’t get upset or riled so easily!!!

    1. I’ve played 15k battles and the most fun I ever had was on the first few days when I had no fucking what I was doing.
      Hell, in some low tier tanks I couldn’t work out which end of the tank was the front.

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