WoT: “Oakwood” 2D Style

An all-season style.
Description: Oak is a symbol of power, longevity and justice… With a headwind, it grows even more. The stronger the thunderstorm, the brighter it shines. When a storm rages, it stands as an invincible fortress. And when the oak falls, the whole forest echoes, for its right hand has fallen.

This is a custom style. Some pre-set style elements can be changed. From the style settings, you can choose from: two different camouflages (light and dark oak), which can be changed.

Non-historical. Suitable for vehicles of any nation and level. Group: Special. You can apply large decals. Price: 2000 gold. ID: 643.

7 thoughts on “WoT: “Oakwood” 2D Style

  1. Well…atleast we know they use interns….who else would pay someone to come up with this junk.

  2. All of this content being created….are they bored? I can’t imagine the WOT gaming community saying “We want more 2D styles”. A waste of effort on their part as well as resources. Help fix the real issues the WOT majority identify.

  3. Just shows the creative vacuum they have and lack of effort or desire to address real community requests.

  4. I love the vacuum of knowledge here.

    Art guys are the first to be done when new content arrives and got spare time.
    Takes minutes to make.
    Games like LoL earn billion’s with skins and if wg does so we get more variety and less op tanks

  5. 2000 gold lol
    I can use a mod and make my tank a banana for free.
    Ah but if you use a mod only you can see the skin.
    Yes but most players have show non historical turned off anyways

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