8 thoughts on “Udarniy Spotted on EU

  1. I’ve noticed that Udarniy is considerably superior to the vanilla Object 259A, hopefully we’ll be getting the former (it would be bad for balance, but at this point nobody gives a damn about it, least of all WG).

    1. I personally would prefer this new one than 259A, aside of mobility, not having good enough armor is just a free ticket to garage these days, the armor of it is so bad that the new Czech TD will eat it alive like nothing

  2. Just played two games in my prem WZ-111. In both of those games there was that Udarniy tank present, and one of them was in the enemy team. Tried to shoot it with 250 pen gold shells with poor success several times, and after the game, where it stomped pretty much all of our team checked the armor profile and compared to usual 259A. And basically speaking, compared to Udarniy, Defender has an armor of a scout. Even the 259A is much more balanced and realistic. The thinnest plate on Udarniy from the front is ~260 effective, if you do not count the cupola, which is not so easy to hit even from close distances.
    It can also easily sidescrape and show quite a lot of it’s side armor, as from every angle those plates are very well sloped, and there are few additional spaced plates/tracks to catch the shots even further.
    If they will release this tank to public in such a state, randoms will become a new nightmare. I cannot even imagine those “lucky” tier 6 and 7 tanks facing this dogs*it of a tank.

    1. WG doesn’t care lol, being -2/-1 tiers is just bad luck for all they know.

      Udarniy would make them a lot of money, plus it’s a ruski tank and they cannot sell bad ones (K-2 disappeared somewhere, its only pro is the armor, rest is worse than IS-6). And Defender is a relic by now, they have to push the arms race somehow.

  3. Just came up against this Udarniy. Couldnt pen it. Then i checked tanks gg for its armour profile. This is a joke. Its a v shaped hull with an extra V shape at the front so you can only pen a tiny triangle front on or the cupola. totally op tier 8. ridiculous

  4. I spotted Chieftain prototype a couple of times this week. I’ll look into my replays folder.

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