4 thoughts on “Supertest: Himmelsdorf and Murowanka Changes Video

  1. such a simple change to Murowanka and yet a completely different dynamic to the game
    standard battles won’t change much but Encounter will be completely different, right now wasting too much time in the magical forest will cost you the majority of the matches, with the flag moved to the village you can sneak in a cap-reset shot even if you are stuck in the forest
    additionally the new flag location also enables more lines of fire for support by TDs, teams will probably no longer split in two and we will see a better spread, but the traditional route to the old flag location will still be important because it enables peak and shoot towards the flag

  2. Himmel’s hilltop seems to have been fixed well. There is a hulldown position like the other side, so we can hold out the same. It is certainly relatively difficult to defend at same position now.

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