WoT EU/NA/ASIA: Bond Shop Update

The bonds shop has been updated across all regions, in accordance with the list published on RU last month.

New vehicles:
– Foch 155 for 12,000 bonds
– KV-5 for 8,000 bonds
– M41D for 8,000 bonds
– Pz. IV Schmalturm for 5,000 bonds

New 2D styles:
– “Chinese Ceramics” for 450 bonds

– “Dazzle” for 450 bonds

– “Red Desert” for 450 bonds

– “Overlord” for 450 bonds

7 thoughts on “WoT EU/NA/ASIA: Bond Shop Update

  1. oh god and now they give the ceramic one away for ‘free’
    NOOOO … oh well, at least those camos are good and new. sorta

    Foch155 for… 12k bonds?!!!
    didnt they all bash heads in to get it during black market?!

    1. that’s on them lol
      its a fun tank but requires field mods/good crew and good equipment to just do decent

    1. Its a pice of shit
      U need gold to pen is3, and u won’t scrach the meta tanks with it

  3. bit just imagine getting rammed by a Bourrasque (by accident) and then watch the Bourr blow of. totally worth it. eg

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