WoT Battle Pass Season VIII Progression Charts

Good day Tankers,

Another battle pass, another progression chart. For those either too lazy, with a job, or some other silly excuse. 🙂


For those who want to complete the battle pass in two months, should WG pull a fast one and ruin your schedule:

As always, feedback is appreciated and have a wonderful day.

For the stat nerds:

  • Season I was 29 days, average 1.55/day or 5/day ELITE.

  • Season II was 88 days, average 0.51/day or 1.64/day ELITE.

  • Season III was 80 days, average 0.56/day or 1.81/day ELITE.

  • Season IV was 92 days, average 1.63/day.

  • Season IV Extended was 99 days, average 1.52/day.

  • Season V was 76 days, average 1.96/day.

  • Season VI was 93 days, average 1.61/day.

  • Season VII was 90 days, average 1.66/day. Event changed to 80 days, average 1.88/day.

  • Season VII Czech TD Event was 10 days, average 4/day.

  • Season VIII is 91 days, average 1.65/day.

10 thoughts on “WoT Battle Pass Season VIII Progression Charts

  1. Too much marathons in a row turn into stress
    I am good for now. 4 campings are 3too many

  2. And of course the option to buy all the 3 chapters’ improved battle pass is bugged in-game and completely non-existent in the shop.

  3. Tables are all wrong, they should run until the 30th of august, they are a month short right now.
    It says that you need to get 2.4 level each day, but below that it says 1.65.

        1. Just because I misread a title for which I’ve corrected myself after less then 1 minute?

          That’s pretty harsh on your part.

          Also, it’s 56%, so it’s Mr. Commander for you, scrub.

  4. cant understand shit from those tables....I am lazy, I dont have premium and i don`t intend to buy anything…I just want to complete the chapter for E100 skin…how many level do I need to do per day? 0.55? 50 levels/91 days= 0.55 ?

    1. Yes, roughly. Doing the daily missions themself gives you over a level per day. Laziness is not a reason why the table is unreadable, but all you do is just pick whatever server you are on, match it with the current day, and that is the level you’re supposed to be on.

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