WoT: “Teefbreaka” 3D style for the 🇯🇵 STB-1 – Pictures

This is one of the four 3D styles from the upcoming season eight of the Battle Pass. Style treated as fictional, valued at 750 gold.

Suitable for vehicles: STB-1.

Description of the style in English:

– “Dat will roll ‘n’ shoot, right? Da Boss sez he needz it to be ‘Wow!’ And if we weld it right ‘ere, it will roll’ n ‘shoot. And dat IZ gonna be wow! It didn’t shoot da last time, did it, you git? Just waz noisy ‘n’ scary, and datz not right. Da Boss need a ‘good replacement’ for da gunwagon — ’fast but accurate ’’ e sez. And diz fing for now is accurate but fast, and dat won’t work. We need to weld ‘ere, and’ ere as well. And put more gretchins on da armor — for betta protection. Da Boss will be happy. Will give me some teef. “

One thought on “WoT: “Teefbreaka” 3D style for the 🇯🇵 STB-1 – Pictures

  1. “fast but accurate” isn’t exactly Orky.

    Though I find it funny that it’s the Orks that get the most futuristic, high-tech contraption of the three, with hydropneumatic suspension and the like

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