WoWS: Separating economic bonuses from visual customizations: more details

Previously, we described how visual customizations and economic bonuses would be separated from each other. But the large volume of the post, the complexity of the changes, and a lot of the details inevitably led to many questions. We addressed many of them as accurately as possible at different times and on different sites, but it may be difficult to piece them all together for those who weren’t aware. Therefore, in this post, we want to compile the answers to the most popular questions, as well as announce a few small changes in the previously described design. We combined two previously published calculators and updated them, and prepared a more convenient version of the conversion calculator of signals and camouflages to bonuses.

Changes from the previous post

In Cooperative battles, the service cost has been further reduced. It will be 13.3% less than what it costs on the main server now.

Increased the size of bonuses and added missing Free XP bonuses for some camouflages and signals.

Bonus to credits of standard permanent camouflages for Tier X ships increased from +45% to +50%.

Credit and XP rewards for performing different actions have been non-linear since the game’s release: the first action taken brought more rewards than subsequent actions (e.g. the first 10,000 damage dealt in a battle will earn you more than the next 10,000 damage you deal). This made it easier to earn the base set of rewards and harder to earn more on top of that. With the release of this overhaul, we are increasing the amount that will be easier to get, and slightly lowering the threshold from which it will be harder to get larger amounts. So, for example, it will be easier to get 200,000 base credits (before any modifiers are applied) on Tier X ships. For comparison, using a Tier X ship with permanent camouflage:

  • Now on the main server, the post-battle service cost is 90,000 credits, and the credit income is increased by 20% thanks to the camouflage;
  • In the new system, taking into account all the changes, the service cost will be 150,000 credits, and the income will be increased by 50%.

These two bonuses even out at 200,000 base credits earned, with the new system being more effective if you earn more. With all the changes, you will receive, on average, the same amount of credits as before, or even more.

The conversion mechanism has been updated. Now, bonuses from signals in sets are counted individually, not by the minimum participation of the signal in the sets.


Let’s suppose the account has 250 Equal Speed Charlie London (ESCL) signals. Let’s assume that with the other signals, it participates in the sets the following number of times:

XP Commander XP Free XP
50 80 100

Subtract these values from the total number of ESCLs to get the number of bonuses of each type that will participate in further conversion:

XP Commander XP Free XP
250 – 50 = 200 250 – 80 = 170 250 – 100 = 150

This will slightly reduce the number of bonuses received for those which remain after sets conversion, but will help to avoid a few edge cases and keep those bonuses that players owned before the change. At the same time, the total number of bonuses received remains high — the total increase in the amount of resources will not be less than in the current system.

New calculators

In our eagerness to share the details of the upcoming change with you as soon as possible, the calculators we originally shared were not the most user-friendly — first of all, we needed them to show how the conversion works and how the earnings in the current and new systems compare.

Now, we are ready to share a more convenient representation of the conversion calculator. If you are logged into the portal, all your camo and signal stocks will be automatically taken into account and you will be able to know how many bonuses you will get. Please note that the calculator does not take signals and camouflages mounted on ships into account, so with the release of the change you will get a bit more bonuses than the calculator shows. Use one of the following links, depending on your region:




In addition, we have updated the table calculators and merged them into one.

Calculator instruction

We do not recommend creating your own calculators or modifying the provided one — there might be errors in the formulas. If you are interested in what bonuses you get after conversion, it is more convenient to use the page on the portal.

Copy the table to make changes.

The calculator has two parts: conversion calculation and income comparison.


To calculate the bonuses you get during conversion, you need to specify the signals and camouflages you have.

The number of signals is indicated on the “Signals and total stock” sheet, in cells C3:C15

The number of camouflages is specified on the “Camouflages” sheet in cells K4:K122

Once you have filled in these cells, the right side of the “Signals and total stock” sheet will show how much and what bonuses you get for sets of signals, for individual signals, and for camouflages, as well as the total score.

Difference between systems

The third sheet — “Difference between systems” — will allow you to compare the rewards received with different bonuses in the current and in the new systems.

In the “Base Credits” and “Base XP” cells, you can enter the base income to which the bonuses will be applied in both the new and the current system. Having a premium account does not affect the relative difference in earnings, so it is not taken into account.

Current System

To account for signals and camouflages in the current system, write “1” in the appropriate cells. Select only one camouflage — otherwise, the calculations will be incorrect.

The result for the current system is displayed above the part with the bonuses choice

New system

For the new system, always select no more than one bonus of each type

Also, as for the current system, the result of applying bonuses is displayed:

And the final difference between the systems:

Questions and answers

What happens to the economic bonuses of permanent camouflages?

Tier Current bonuses New bonuses as a separate entity Price in doubloons
II – VI -10% post-battle service cost
+50% XP
+5% credits
+50% XP
+50% Commander XP
+50% Free XP
VII 1900
VIII 2900
IX -20% post-battle service cost
+100% XP
+10% credits2
+100% XP
+100% Commander XP
+100% Free XP
X -50% post-battle service cost
+20% credits
+100% XP
+50% credits2
+100% XP
+100% Commander XP
+100% Free XP
Superships +150% XP +200% XP
+200% Commander XP
+100% Free XP3

1 – for researchable ships, permanent bonuses are available for purchase from Tier V. For premium ships, permanent bonuses are active by default.

2 – Base post-battle service cost of researchable ships will be reduced from 120,000 to 115,000 credits for Tier IX and from 180,000 to 150,000 credits for Tier X.

3 – The value of the bonus is lower, because the base income of Free XP with the release of the change will be doubled. Thus, all permanent camouflage bonuses of Superships will be higher than in the current system.

In addition, there are a number of permanent camouflages with non-standard bonuses

Conversion table

What will happen with permanent camouflages not bound to a certain ship?

Permanent camouflages attachable to any ships of a certain Tier that were not attached to a ship will be converted into two separate entities:

  • A permanent economic bonus, corresponding to the standard bonus of the said Tier;
  • Permanent camouflage, which affects only the appearance of the ship.

These two permanent entities don’t have to be attached to the same ship: the camouflage can be attached to one ship and the bonus to another.

Will the permanent economic bonuses be better than the standard ones?

We are not planning to make superior economic bonuses available once the change is released; only standard bonuses will be available.

How will expendable camouflages be acquired?

Most expendable camouflages will be permanently available, except for certain ones linked to partnerships, status, or especially rare ones, such as Recruiting Station, King of the Sea, and Gold. Available camouflages can be auto-purchased for credits, as well as in the new “More Camouflages” container. It will be available as daily containers, for Community Tokens, and in different bundles or combat missions.

Camouflages will cost between 22,500 and 90,000 credits, depending on the category of the pattern:

  • Standard, such as “Type 1” or “European” – 22,500 credits;
  • Single-color, such as “Type 21” or “Trophy” – 45,000 credits;
  • Abstract, such as “Ocean Soul” or “French Riviera” – 75,000 credits;
  • Artistic, such as “Union Jack” or “Summer” – 90,000 credits.

What will be the price of economic bonuses?

The following bonuses will be available for auto-purchase:

Credits XP Commander XP Free XP Price in doubloons
+20% +100% +100% +300% 12
+40% +200% +200% +600% 24

Comparison of the use of purchasable bonuses:

Used bonuses Price Income difference
Example 1
Current system Equal Speed Charlie London, Papa Papa, Zulu Hotel, Zulu:
+50% XP, +300% Free XP, +50% Commander XP, +20% credits
38 doubloons
New system +20% credits, +100% XP, +100% Commander XP, +300% Free XP 48 doubloons 33,3% more XP and Free XP
Example 2
Current system Equal Speed Charlie London, Papa Papa, Zulu Hotel, Zulu, Type 6 camouflage:
+150% XP, +300% Free XP, +50% Commander XP, +20% credits
88 doubloons
New system +20% credits, +200% XP, +200% Commander XP, +600% Free XP 84 doubloons 20% more XP and 40% more Free XP

Will it be possible to sell economic bonuses and expendable camouflages?

You will be able to sell economic bonuses and purchasable camouflages for credits.

Daily Containers

With the release of the change the following daily containers will be available:

  • More credits and economic bonuses;
  • More combat signals;
  • Try your luck;
  • More Coal;
  • More Camouflages

Camouflages will drop from More Camouflages and from Try your Luck containers.

What will become of economic and special signals?

With the release of the update, these signals will be removed from the game. However, many players like it when their ship carries a large number of signals. Now, we are thinking about different options for additional decorations for ships through various customization elements. It is too early to talk about any specific options or details, because these are still only just ideas. However, there is a possibility that the signals removed from the game may appear in the future as one of these visual elements.

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