WoT: Battle Pass Season 8 New Medals

“40,000 Reasons to Win”
• Awarded after completing all three chapters.
Complete all progression stages in Season 8 of the Battle Pass.

“Ecclesiarchy’s Hand of Vengeance”
• Complete the chain of missions given out in a special set of the Battle Pass.
• Obtained upon completion of the final task.

7 thoughts on “WoT: Battle Pass Season 8 New Medals

  1. So the Ecclesiarchy badge will be given out for those who buy and finish the set of missions for the BC 25t skin?

    Also, betting that this battle pass will be more expensive than the previous ones, because it involves a Games Whoreshop partnership.

    1. That would be quite the feat, Games Workshop (owners of Warhammer) is even greedier than WG so they’d ask for an absolutely exorbitant price if they were to sellout.

  2. Most Warhammer fans are sad mom’s basement incel dwellers.
    Thinking they can use magic in the real world to get laid…
    Oh wait … Just like WoT players then lol

    1. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a WoT player. Does this mean you’re a “sad mom’s basement incel dweller” too? 🙂

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