WoT: 🇫🇷Bat.-Châtillon 25 t 3D style “Ignis Purgatio”

Will be sold separately as part of a separate pack that will include missions, and completing them will give this style.
• Unique gunmarks: (logo of the Sister of Battle [Adepta Sororitas]) – The Adepta Sororitas (also known as the “Sisterhood” or “Daughters of the Emperor”) are an all-female branch of the Ecclesiarchy.
• Unique effects

“Purification in the name of His eternal glory is the moral that is on our lips and on our banners. By the Testaments of Saint Celestine we live and are moved by them. And let not the blood of the innocent be shed, but let the blood of the wicked flow like a river. And if heresy is not stopped by the power of His word, then fire will come to the rescue. Purifying fire. Redeeming fire. And heresy will evaporate in it, and will be forever buried under a thick layer of ashes. Only ashes are the only form of existence for those who have been defiled. Sisters, our pride and virtue is mercy. But today let it not speak in us. Today we give way to the fire.”

11 thoughts on “WoT: 🇫🇷Bat.-Châtillon 25 t 3D style “Ignis Purgatio”

  1. if only WG could balance tanks as good as their 3D styles are made beautiful

  2. Ironic because my crew for the Bat Chat are women. W40K belongs in W40K. Rather have something more realistic, less dorky and less like the moving van type skins that WG always makes.

      1. Oh noes someone doesn’t like WoT hideous skins! Yeah let’s all be like mindless zombies and like everything they do.

    1. The advantage is that if you dont like it you can just desactivate the non historical skins in the parameter of the game, somtehing you cant do with op premium or reward tank. So for me this type of monetisation of tha game is a big yes for sure

      1. Yes but there’s hundreds of historical skins and camo WG could add to the game.
        But instead they make these anime wankstain skins

  3. Order of Our Martyred Lady, in case anyone wonders.
    Wonder how many hoops to jump through to get it.

    1. Saint Katherine is one of the principal saints that order honours.
      Which would be why it is listed above the other two on the hull front.

      Also, the Adepta Sororitas exist due to a legal loophole in the Adeptus Ministorum, which forbids them from having Men under Arms. And since these are Women, it is entirely fine. 😉

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